Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Favorite Things and a Contest!

October is my favorite because:
The sun sets a bit earlier.
My favorite color combinations come out to play.
I love to wear warm things! 
The leaves are falling, and crunching under my feet.
I get to start decorating!
Friendly thrift store pumpkins hang out on my porch.
I start my collection of red and orange leaves.
p.s anyone in North Carolina want to do me a little favor?!
Email me for details! talk2thetrees@gmail.com
One of my other favorite things, is of course... 
 (Mowgli on his 1st birthday!)
 I love everything pumpkin.
The color, the smell, the taste, 
The carving.
This is my pumpkin from 3 years ago! 
It was also the last time I was able to carve one!!
Don't worry, I'll be carving one this year,
and hopefully so will
this year,
for the blog, 
I'm having a...
This was Brad's idea!
So, here is how it works, and it's super easy..
Just get me a picture of your pumpkin!
Most people take pictures of their finished pumpkins anyways,
so all you have to do is:
email it to me, 
leave me a link in a comment, 
tweet it to me,
post it on my facebook wall, 
 anything you want as long as it gets to me.

 It doesn't have to be carved.
It could be painted, decorated, or anything you want.
Be creative!

Each Sunday, 
I will post pictures of the finished pumpkins for everyone to see. 
I will also leave a link to your blog.
The contest is open now, and will end on the 30th. 
I will announce the winner on Halloween!

Also, one entry per person.
But, I don't mind if you want to enter your kid's or husband's pumpkins into the contest. Just be sure to tell me which on is which!

The winner will receive a box full of goodies 
from Bradley and myself! 

Inside The Box
A knitted beanie. (Winner chooses the color)
Candy and other treats.
A 10$ gift card to Michaels
A colored picture from a coloring book, colored by me and Brad.
Leaves from my backyard. 
AND lots of other little surprises. 

I haven't figured out how to judge the contest yet.
It might just be up to me and Brad, 
Or I might have it open to vote.
What to do think?
I hope you all enter! 
I'll make sure the prize is gooooooood.


  1. Oh how cute! Such a great idea :] October is definitely my favorite too!

    I'm not much of a pumpkin carver, but I'm definitely a pumpkin painter!! I may try to get gooey for this & carve in.

  2. No worries Millie Bell! I JUST changed the rules, if you would rather paint it, I would LOVE that!

  3. what a great idea!! i'm looking forward to seeing everyones designs :)

  4. This is so exciting! i have to make sure to carve a really great pumpkin now!

  5. i am tooootally going to enter this!
    pumpkin carving is one of the best things about Halloween!

  6. I am totally participating! I LOVE carving crazy intricate pumpkins. One year I did a Monalisa! No joke! :)

  7. FUUUUUUUN!!! I'm totally doing this I EVEN have my own pumpkins that I grew in my garden! :D PERFECTION!

  8. FUN! P.s I love the new banner!!

  9. Yay! I'm so glad you will enter too! Katy!! I can't wait to see yours!
    And thanks so much Clair!

  10. Omigosh. I can't wait to do this!!! Such a good idea, Rachael! How fun, and festive! :o)

  11. I am SO entering! I love carving pumpkins, and this year I have already been brainstorming ideas! Yay!

    Happy October!

  12. woo! i'm excited to see peoples pumpkins!

  13. Hey Rachael & Brad!! My hubby & I love to carve our pumpkin every year...well he carves cuz he's the artist & I scoop. Lol!! Can't wait to join the fun!!! Gr8 idea guys!!


  14. Yay! I'm so excited to see yours Debra!

  15. Awesome!!!! Totally going to participate in this! Asia too!!!!

  16. YAY! I'm so excited to see yours and Asia's!!

  17. You've inspired me! i'm going to carve a pumpkin.. yikes! i've never been good at that :) but im excited for the contest

  18. I was looking for some beautiful, Tree-friendly, Dog-lover, Nature-Spirit stuff, around the web... And I found your beauuuutiful blog! And your stunning Etsy shops!
    Anyone that I personally know, love the short days of the Magical and Beautiful October!
    The Fall is the season of Creativity! Thank you for this gorgeus post! ;)
    Have a nice nice day!

  19. ohh fun! Here's my boyfriend's pumpkin from last year.



    I'll be carving our pumpkin this year! I might pick one up today in which case I'll be back with photos later. =]


  20. Chrissy and Eef! I'm so excited to see your pumpkins!
    Chiara- Thank you soooo much for your wonderful comment! I am so glad you like my blog, and I hope you come back often!!

  21. rach,

    can i enter my pumpkin from last year? pwitty pweeze? heehe since i'm not in america i cant carve but this is a FUN in the sun idea


  22. eeeeep and i know you asked us to check back here for an answer to our questions so i hope i dont forget!

  23. Yes Kylie! You can for sure enter your pumpkin from last year!


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