Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keeping It Positive

These last few months have just been so hard for some reason..I've been feeling a bit down.
But a new month means a new beginning.

For the next 30 days.. I'm going to challenge myself to be more positive.

I feel that focusing on negative things seems to bring them out more. After all, we are what we think.. right? So, if focusing on negative things brings more negative things, then focusing on positive things should bring more positive things.

I've read the book The Secret.  I know and have practiced the Law of Attraction.. it's just sometimes life gets in the way and you just forget all that.

But this month will be all about focusing on the positive. Replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Turning on the lights where there is darkness.. and if a light switch isn't available.. then I will focus on the stars.

Another wonderful thing to think about..

My blog has been featured in a magazine!

The article is all about focusing on the good in life and looking for the positive.
Who would have thought my very own words and photos would reappear 
just when I needed them most?

I'm sure you noticed my new earrings.. The are quite big and beautiful. I got them from Tifthapeach.
I met her at the farmers market a few weeks ago. Her shop has earrings for people with gauged ears and people who want the look of gauged ears.
Don't worry.. these are just my weekend earrings.. I made a special set just for work and nice occasions. You can't even tell.
  See?! I fooled you all.
It's basically just a nice pearl vintage button glued over a wooden gauge.
I also got this beauty from Alterdesigns. I go crazy over anything North Carolina related.. so I was very very happy when this came in the mail for me. I've been wearing it non stop almost!


  1. I love this post it is fantastic that you are feeling mre positive and focusing on all the positive things! And how brilliant is it that you have been featured in that lovely blogging magazine also those earrings are amazing!x

  2. Hey. I hope you feel better soon, we're in the same boat!

    Congrats on getting in a magazine! That's really sweet. Hopefully I get into one some day too!!

    By the way, not sure if this was intentional or not.. but did you know that your blog layout isn't actually white? It's colour #fcfcfc. I just felt like pointing it out because I can see the white boxes around your banners / buttons and stuff. But yeah, I just wasn't sure if you did that on purpose. :) Either way it looks great.

    Take care!


  3. lovely earring! :) you looked full of positivity. and two thumbsup for your hairdo! ;)

  4. No problem!!
    Also, one little thing! I don't know how common my computer screen size is (it's kinda small)... and I know most people nowadays have a WIDE screen, but I guess I'm old school. On my computer screen, your "tutorials" button comes down on another line (since my screen is 1280 x 1024).

    But yeah, I'm sure most people have wide screens by now.. but I just felt like pointing that out! Especially because I can't afford a new screen and I will have this one for a WHILE, so maybe others will too!

    Haha, sorry, I'm not trying to be negative or point out flaws or anything... I'm just a layout freak I guess. :$

  5. Hey Dori! I think the problem should be fixed now. Thanks :) xoxo

  6. rachael, that is awesome. i love that mag, ill have to get that copy. i never buy them b/c they are so pricey and just read them while im in the bookstore :) you are soooo pretty...

  7. Laura! That was soo sweet of you! Thank you so much for that comment. It truly made me smile. :) xoxo

  8. I met a guy who decided for a week he would not read the paper, or watch the news at all, and would only focus on the positive. He said the first week was hard, but after that he could see a huge difference in his attitude. I don't think he's ever picked up a paper again, and very rarely watches the news. Simple things like that go a long way.

  9. The more I get to know you more I'm worried we're the same person. haha. I've been down in the dumps the last few weeks, too. I don't know what it is.

  10. you look very beautiful and I love those earrings! such a unique pair!

  11. congrats on the magazine!! it looks lovely!
    I have an alterdesigns necklace with tennessee and georgia and i NEVER take it off.


  12. Congratulations on the feature! I love all Somerset publications.
    Will check it out next time I take refuge at a B&N!

  13. Rachael,
    Thanks so much for contributing to Artful Blogging. It was a great pleasure working with you.

    All the best,


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