Monday, August 1, 2011


Today I ran a few errands with my pups.  
We had a few art prints and hats to drop off at the post office and I had to run to the bank. 
Both drop offs, so I wouldn't need to leave them in the car. 
In between I stopped at home to grab a check I forgot.
Brad was over making himself food and wanted to say hello.
I replied, "Sorry, I gotta be fast.. I've got two hot guys in the car waiting for me!" 

I quickly ran out to my hot guys and realized what I said, and how it sounded..
Hopefully Brad knows I meant my doggies are not only hotties, but also quite warm.

After getting the little capsule back from the bank I noticed four doggie treats under my receipt. 
Looks like I'll be bringing them to the bank with me regularly.

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