Friday, August 19, 2011

A Good Laugh

It's good to laugh at yourself every now and then.. 

Especially when you are uploading pictures of you wearing a funny hat,
making funny faces.. on purpose.

There is nothing quite like having a monster on top your head..
Keeping your ears warm, and making you giggle. 

Both hats now available in the shop!

Coming soon, design your own monster hat!


  1. haha awesome hats!!

  2. you are so stinking talented! i just might have to get my hubsy to buy me one of these bad boys!

  3. eeeep!! Those hats are so cute!! And I heart all your different expressions! You are too cute!

  4. I am so in love with the green one. Seriously, awesome job Rachael they are fabulously adorable! :D

  5. I am loving these hats so much! They look like so much fun :)

  6. You should do a tutorial on how you do your eye makeup because it looks really good.


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