Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Life is great because,
This is what happens the day after I clean the carpets. 

 Because this is what dogs like to do..
even though they've never done it before.
 It must just be a "Day After Carpet Cleaning Dog Thing"
I know what they were thinking..
 "Momma Rachael took all the "good" smells out of the carpets?
Let's put some more in."
Thanks guys.

I guess it's my fault too.
I took photos instead of stopping them from destroying the house and garden.
That's what I do.
Life's a bit too short to take things too seriously.
Especially with a face like that.


  1. aww thats so typical, we steamed cleaned our carpets the other day and our little dog went all sad, it was like she was say "wheres my smells, i have been working on that carpet for a year now, all my work is ruined". you two doggies are so cute x

  2. Awwwwwww!!! How could you say no to that face? "You want to roll around in the dirt then trot through on the carpets I just cleaned? Ok, but only because you are too cute!!" :)

  3. What little troublemakers!!! That's adorable :)

  4. Haha aren't they little stinkers? I sure love them though :)

  5. Haha they are so cute! I love how they are partners in crime. :)


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