Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 Ways To Learn To Trust The Universe

1. Surrender and Detach — Let go of control and allow the Universe to do it’s work. Create and visualize the end goal, then release it to the Universe and detach. Allow things to unfold.
2. Look for Little Miracles— By noticing and delighting in little miracles along the path of your ultimate goal or life improvement, it reminds you that the Universe is indeed working on your behalf. Look for little signs, small steps and synchronicities. It’s reinforcement for your trust.
3. Watch as Your Needs are Being Fulfilled — As your goals are achieved, you will gain confidence in the process of trusting the Universe. This will lead to greater trust. You may even want to keep a journal of all that manifests. When you look back, you’ll be surprised how many dreams will come true over the course of a year!
4. Remember it’s All in Divine Timing — If you get frustrated by the slowness at which your desires are fulfilled, you resonate distrust. So back up and remember that it is not your timing at work here; it’s divine timing. The Universe knows better when to grant your wish than you do.
5. Letting Go of Resistance  – Don’t push, don’t react, don’t force. Let it be. If you keep resisting or pushing back, you are not allowing the Universe to give you its grace easily and effortlessly. You are constricting the flow. It’s another sign of mistrust. So just remind yourself to go with the flow.
6. Tune into Your Higher Self — It’s your ego that wants it now and is convinced your desire can’t materialize without your manipulation and control. Turn it over to your higher self, your “heart self,” and let it open the channel of trust with the Universe.
7.  Trust God May Have a Better Answer Than You Do — Trust the Universe to come up with the right solution. If you try to push through or mandate to the Universe the solution you see, you may be limiting yourself. If you postulate in your head how things should happen, you are narrowing the Universe’s possibilities.
8. Give Up Your Problems/Turning It Over — If you have a specific challenge that is confronting you, ask the Universe to take it from your shoulders and resolve it. Trust that it is then being handled and wait for answers.
9. Believe in the Best — Believe in the best of people, circumstances and solutions. If you fret about all the ways things could go wrong, you again demonstrate your mistrust in the Universe. Assume that all will be well and when you turn it over, an elegant solution will turn up or that people will do their best.
10. Listen Deeply and Follow Guidance — The Universe’s answer to a challenge or the achievement of your goal may not be some external resolution. It may be guidance you are given, things you are directed to do or signs that you need to follow. Once you turn it over to the Universe with trust, listen deeply for the wisdom you are offered and follow the guidance.


  1. I Love You Rachael!!!!
    Great post...I so believe in this whether it be theory or not.

  2. This is fantastic. Sometimes i get too wrapped up in things and need to relax

  3. Beautiful! I needed this so much tonight, thank you :)


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