Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Adventure Fund

I taped a handwritten label onto it.
I called it my "Adventure Fund".

I figured I would just start saving my pennies and my change.
Every little bit would help.

I was in a rough place in my life... and I needed to get out.

It started with just coins..
Eventually I was able to put in bigger bills.

This little adventure fund helped me afford a rental car to get myself across the country.
It helped me get out of an abusive relationship.
In the process of saving up for a car, it was emptied to pay for Mowgli's medical bills.
Then it started to fill back up for the car, then for an apartment.
Eventually it helped me save up enough to adopt Wicket.

Right now, I'm saving up again,
for the next adventure.

This Adventure Fund may have not taking me to France just yet...
But it's helped me out with a lot of other adventures.

Because life is an adventure.
And being prepared is important.


  1. LOVE this!! What a great idea--and story.

  2. My husband and I have a glass candy jar with Mickey, Minnie and Donald on it and we save money in there to keep going back to Disney World... :)

  3. Thanks Georgia!
    Meandering Mind- I'm hoping to save up to go to Disneyland again soon with my boyfriend for our 1 year anniversary. I'm hoping that's what this adventure fund will be for.. instead of an emergency. ;)

  4. This is very inspirational! I have a box rather than a jar that I save my money in. However, the adventures I save up for are not as impressive as your adventures!

  5. Thanks Bonnie! A box works too! I also have a secret book box for my other adventure fund... but it's a little different. :)

  6. i love this! i need an adventure fund... think i'll start one!

  7. Love the jar!! I also love what it represents to you. It also is a reminder of what you have been through and maybe helps you appricate what you have now. :)

  8. I love your adventure jar! I have a big glass apple cider jar for my adventure jar. My dream with that adventure is to take my hubby to England one day!

  9. That would be fabulous Just Waite! I want to go to Paris! AND tons of other places. :)

  10. Rachael this is a wonderful idea! it is very inspirational.. i think i need to start a fund to start saving for rent so i can move out.. but your adventure idea is perfect! love it.

  11. I NEED an adventure jar! I just have a little box right now where all my baby sitting money goes during the school year, and that officially just for going to germany to see my friend. I havn't been on an adventure in sooo long because i was saving for that trip! This just made me realise that. I need a super awesome jar now... shouldn't be hard in my house. ;) Thank you for showing us this!!!

  12. Thank you for the comment Sydney! You should to try to take even a small adventure a day!

  13. so great. i should start one too. i keep using all my change for laundry though!

  14. Thanks Bethany! Too bad about the coin laundry.. I hate those! I'm lucky my apartment has a washer unit attached.. I used to have to do coin operated laundry. Not fun.

  15. I love this! maybe if i have a nice jar, i'll be more willing to save my money

  16. Just found your blog, love it! Love to you as you go through your adventures, recoveries, and triumphs. It takes so much courage to say no to someone else and yes to yourself!


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