Saturday, June 5, 2010

Time For Adventure

This sums me up lately. But what is a girl to do when she has no car, no bike and it's 98 degrees out everyday? Much too hot for long walking explorations.  What can I do but hope and dream?
Save up.
26.08 is a good start right? I'm working towards a bicycle.

Every evening when I take Mowgli on his little walky I am delighted to see tiny yellow lights within the trees.
Fireflies! They are like magic to me and I find myself standing outside watching them. (with a face of sheer excitement and a big open mouth grin I'm sure.) This picture is not as magical as the real experience. But watching them made me decide something.
I will live wherever fireflies are. I just enjoy seeing them so much.
We don't get them out in Utah.

Oh and..

I had a dream about two weeks ago. A dream of a girl standing in a dark house answering the door. I saw this as a painting. A painting that I did. I woke up and immediately sketched it out. I worked on it often and it is finally completed.
The whole time I worked on it I wondered, why is her room so dark? Who is at the door? Someone to save her from darkness? Is she really answering the door? Maybe she is sneaking away. Maybe she is closing the door to someone. Where can I get that dress?

Maybe she is ready for an adventure too.

Dream paintings are the best because it's something my subconscious mind came up with. Deep down maybe I do know all the answers to my questions. All of them. Not just about the painting.

This blog post is random. It skips around a lot. You are all very confused I'm sure. I'm confused too. I'm not sure how to end this blog post.

I think I've been cooped up in this little house for too long. Are you bored? Lets go exploring.


  1. I am wanderlusting with you... I think that such a perfect word. You are off to a great start with your fund! And oh! Fireflies, I haven't seen one in ages! Your paintings are so wonderful... after I read what you were wondering, I found myself wondering those things too. So captivating.

  2. I love fireflies. I wish we got them out here in Utah too. I romanticize about spending warm summer nights out watching them. Also, I LOVE that painting! I'm actually reading a book about a girl who has to save her one true love from a crushing darkness by building a door (kind of hard to explain... but this painting feels so similar). I like your adventure fund too. I have one that I'm going to use when I go to Mt Shasta this summer!

  3. I've never seen a firefly ever :( and that is now my favorite word. wanderlust :D

  4. Lovely photos!!! What a lovely post :) xoxo

  5. I've been obsessed with the word wanderlust for a while. Also the Adventure Fund is too amazing. And is inspiring me.

  6. I have always wanted to see fireflies! It truly would be magical. I liken them to fairies, 'cause they do seem a little like a fable to me. :)


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