Thursday, July 7, 2011

Operation Big Brave Dog

Operation Big Brave Dog is my plan to help Wicket. He is a little scardey cat. I've never met a dog who screams, but I can honestly say Wicket is a screamer.

Example: I let him outside to play and go potty. A dog 3 houses down barked. Wicket screamed, and ran inside. 15 minutes of looking later, I found him under the couch in the back corner of the room.

I've tried taking him on walks. He freezes up, his back legs stop working and he just lays there. Like a fainting goat. Nothing could get him up.

I talked to the vet about it. She didn't know what was wrong, other than him just being afraid of everything. It also turns out he is hypoglycemic. When he gets stressed his blood sugar gets low and he looses a lot of energy. She says he may grow out of it. For now, I'm trying to train him that the world is not so scary.

Last night we took him on another walk. It was dusk, and cool.. and I let him pick his own pace. I brought his favorite treats and a squeaky ball. Our goal was to make it down the block. Hardly a walk. He had never walked that far in his life.

It took lots of encouragement. Treats after every 4 steps turned into a treat after every tree we passed, which turned into a treat when we finally got home. He did great! He walked all the way home on his own.. and only needed a quick tug on the leash and a squeak from the ball to get him to cross the road.

I plan on training him more everyday. I want him to not be afraid of the world. Not be afraid of adventure.

I think he can do it.

I have also added a few new pup hats to the shop!

I'm now offering Pixie Pup Hats! Right now, I only have green listed, BUT I can make them in any color. With or without ear holes.

I am also offering the Ewok Pup hat!

Check out the pup hats here.  All the other pup hats have been brought back to the shop. After Mowgli passed away I stopped offering them. They just reminded me of him too much. But, I'm slowly getting better. The thought of Mowgli no longer makes me burst into tears. (Though my eyes are watering as I type this.) ..But.. Wicket is helping me become bigger and braver, just like I am helping him.

He shows more personality each day as he grows up. He shows me that he loves me more and more. (Which I need.) He is nothing like Mowgli.. and that is good. Because if he was exactly like Mowgli, then neither of them would be special. I'm very blessed to have (and to have had) two wonderful pups.

Sorry for the mushy puppy lovey talk. Go check out the pup hats! I told Wicket for every pup hat that sells he gets a little toy or treat. He is still learning to model.


  1. awww poor little scaredy dog! he's so adorable though! and i love the pup hats!

  2. poor little guy. it's gotta cheer him up to have a matching hat to mom though.

  3. He is just too stinkin' cute for words!

  4. omg! so cute! love her name, what is she? I saw a dog that looked just like an ewok a few weeks ago!

  5. Oh my goodness, how cute is that pixie hat?! I wish i had a dog small enough to wear one :) maybe time will tell!

  6. awwh poor darling!! I hope he gets braver! and super cute pup hats!

  7. I love this post! First of all, I wish you lots of luck on Operation Big Brave Dog. It sounds like you guys are on the right track! I'm sure Widget will gain courage quickly with such a supportive mommy as yourself. You guys are so luck to have one another. <3

    Second, Widget has me laughing out loud at his beyond cuteness. I think he is an excellent budding modelpup.

    And third, do you think pup hats would work just as well as kitty hats? I love them - but don't have a pup. I do have two very spoiled kitty boys though.

  8. Hey Cassandra! I have made pup hats for kitties, they are almost the same size and work great for kitties! xoxo

  9. soooo cute. love the pup hats. and cesar would be proud of your dog training.

  10. Poor little guy! My dog used to freak out when we played the radio in the car :( what breed is Wicket?

    Absolutely love the hats! Such a brilliant idea :)

  11. So cute! And maybe he's just a kitty in a pup's body ;)

  12. those hats are adorable! and wicket's such a cutie! it sounds like he's doing really great with his training. it just takes puppy-steps ;)

  13. Operation Big Brave Dog sounds like it's coming along very well, yay Wicket!! I'm very happy for the two of you, he's too cute for words!! & the Ewok hat is AMAZING.:)

  14. i have a screamer too!!! she is afraid of everything... until its not paying attention to her and then she is curious.
    im glad to know that im not the only one dealing with a scaredy cat dog. :)

  15. OMG! I seriously awwww'd for about 10 minutes! This was TOO cute!

  16. Wicket is such a cute pup! Do you know what kind of breed he is? I ask because I just rescued a puppy, Rosy, that looks just like him! They said she was a fox terrier mix, but those dogs have so much white fur, and she has none.

    1. Wicket is a chihuahua mix.. so they say... :) his owners before us said he is full chihuahua, but I don't think so at all!

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