Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How To Celebrate

..According to me.
I brought Wicket to all the Fourth Of July celebrations. We went to watch fireworks with a big big bunch of people.
Now that Wicket has all of his shots, I've been taking him with me to a lot of different places. I'm trying the operation "Big Brave Dog." I have been thinking a lot about Wicket's anxiety and fears.  I don't want to up and get another dog. It's a pretty huge decision that would affect my life, Wicket's life, and the other dog's life. So for now, I'm just working on training him.
So, I took him to the park with lots of people, and lots of other dogs, and lots of noises. He seemed to do pretty well.
The sun set and we played with glow sticks and watched fireworks.
Glow stick fun.
I love out of focus firework pictures.
The next day we took Wicket to Brad's moms house to play soccer with Brad's brothers.
He had surgery last week, so I was very very reluctant to let him run.. but once I put him down, I couldn't keep up with him!

He was the happiest pup in the world. After a little while I chased him down, checked his little sore spots, and all seemed okay.  We headed back to my place for a bon fire and s'mores.
After the bon fire we headed to downtown Provo. Every Fourth Of July there is a huge parade in Provo. People set up a day early, and stay up all night. I had only heard about it, this was my first year attending. There were so many people! Even little children running about!
The next day was the real Fourth Of July. We went to Brad's dad's house for a barbeque, board games and fireworks.
This was the first year Utah was allowed to have the big fireworks. You know, the ones that go in the sky. Fireworks could be seen everywhere! I hope you all had a great Holiday!

I've got exciting things to show you..


  1. that all looks like a blast! wicket looks so adorable running around! love 'operation big brave dog' and those sunglasses are RAD.

  2. Wicket is super cute! Glad you both had a great weekend! :)

  3. Aaah, that's a big big celebration. I'm looking forward to that on 1st of august, founding anniversary of the Helvetc Confederation. Hooray! ;o)

  4. That looks like a ton of fun, and Wicket is such a cutie. What kind of dog is he?


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