Friday, July 22, 2011


I miss a lot of things.

I think you already know number one on my list... 
I sure miss my little Mowgli.
I still cry every so often over him.
He is still in my dreams.
I still love him.

(I miss taking silly and sweet pictures with him!)
 I miss North Carolina.
Out of all the places I've ever been.. 
Different states, countries, hotels and homes..
North Carolina wins.

I miss the beach! 
(Mostly the beaches of North Carolina)
I am actually quite terrified of swimming in the ocean.
I don't like to lay out and get tan.
Why do I miss it then? I don't know. 
I just do.

I miss my blonde and pink hair!
It was lots of fun.. with a lot of up keep.
I like to have my hair look natural.. but I also love some extremities
Maybe I'll go back to this again.. at some point.

 I miss taking big cross country road trips.
There is nothing like having the back seat packed,
The front seat shared with a doggie, a camera and knitting supplies,
An ice chest that can barely be found under all the mess of the back seat.
Fruit snacks, energy drinks, string cheese, chocolate bars...
Stopping at little diners for dinner, 
stopping at spooky gas stations for potty breaks.
(Sometimes stopping on the side of the road for potty breaks..(I am not embarrassed!))
I also miss this guy.
This is my kitty cat Tas. 
I've had him since 8th grade!
We found out that he is pretty sick.
He lives with my parents, so I rarely see him.
(He was NOT a fan of Mowgli, so I had to leave him behind.) 
 Let's send little Tas some good thoughts, loves and kitty cat kisses!
(I don't want to loose another furry friend.)

Life changes pretty fast my friends. 
Before you know it...

There are new furry faces to love.
(Yes, boyfriend included.)
There are new beaches to visit.
New beautiful scenery to look at.
New adventures to go on.
New reasons to smile and laugh.
And lots and lots of chances to be happy.

Is there anything in particular you miss?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 
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  1. I still miss my pup Shado. I've had her my whole life, and I still get sad thinking about her.

  2. That was beautifuil. I'm a sucker for a happy ending. And, i think you miss the ocean because that's where we are from. Or at least, that's where I am from. Lovely, keep it up.

  3. Awe, I know exactly how you feel. I always sit back at remember things I miss (I've lost a lot in the last 2 years) and it's hard to move forward...But I always think of what I have in the present, and it fills my heart with joy. Which it seems that you are doing th esame :) Beautiful post I must say.

  4. Lovely post. I miss so many things. I miss my grandparents and other relatives who have passed on. I miss my cat Slinky and my hamster Hammy and my many other pets I've lost. I miss some old friends and I miss my old home in Florida. I miss being a kid. But there are so many reasons I love my life now too -- thank goodness new things come in. :)

  5. Thanks everyone! You are all so sweet. :)
    BreAnn! Shado was such a sweet dog.. I remember taking care of her while you guys went on vacation. I also remember when she stepped on your sandwich once.. There was a perfect pawprint in it. I thought it was the funniest thing in the world. You said, "Well Shado, this is YOUR sandwich now." You gave it to her, then went inside and made yourself a new sandwich. haha I love it.

  6. I love love love that pic of your baby on the beach in the surf outfit. so perfect

    I miss my bunny Lulu. She was such a sweet and funny rabbit. She hated it when you'd stop petting her. she loved lying in front of my a/c unit. and she was such a good little snuggler. but she lasted a long 8 years (great for a dwarf rabbit) and she was happy until the very end

    lovely pics and lovely post :) keep smiling

  7. Such beautiful photographs :) I get sad when I think about my past friends and pets that are no longer with me too... But we'll always have the memories!

  8. Rachael,
    Your photograghs are beautiful and tell a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

  9. great post and some truly amazing photos!!
    my hubby and i used to live in salt lake city. we miss it and plan on moving back some day *sigh* that's what i miss :)

  10. Your post breaks my heart... that was the cutest. dog. ever. But, I love the photos and the happier ending!

  11. I miss my dog Concho, my dad Herb (it was 9 years this Jan. & it still hurts just the same!), and I miss my Nan. I miss the beaches of SoCal and the pine forests and mountains of home, Washington State.

    By the way Rachael, I've yet to swim in the sea, am too Irish/German pale to lay out, but I feel most at peace on the beach. It is amazing to just be there on the sand, hearing the birds & waves, smelling that ocean smell, and looking out at the water meeting the horizon. Nothing beats that feeling!

  12. All I really miss is a good ol' thunderstorm. Jen and I (that's my wife!) live in Utah and sadly we don't see too many thunderstorms roll on through this way! (I noticed you live in UT too, how cool! I found your blog via Twitter. :D)

  13. I miss Cape Cod! I used to go there every summer and haven't been in a couple years. Something about staying in that cottage and being near the ocean day in and day out made me feel great. I always felt like a belonged there and felt like I was really myself near the water. I completely understand how you could miss the ocean even without laying out to tan or swimming!


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