Monday, June 6, 2011

Finding Beauty

I have never really liked living in Utah. It's probably one of my least favorite places, and I'm not sure why. It sounds terrible, I know... I guess I just want something more. The traveling I have done has showed me the world is so much bigger than the place you were born.
I'm not really able to do the traveling I want to right now. It is driving me crazy.

Last year, when I found out I was moving to Arkansas, I cried. Arkansas was my least favorite place in the world. I went there, and lived there 3 separate times. I fell in love with it. I made myself fall in love with it. I searched for beauty, despite my bad memories and ideas of Arkansas. I went out adventuring, and exploring and fell in love with where I was.

Now, I am back in Utah. I'm not sure how long I will be here... but I might as well fall in love with it until I find a new place to love.

Brad and I went exploring yesterday. Far in the distance I saw a cave. I wanted to go to that cave. I excitedly told (very loudly) Brad to flip around so we could explore. I've said this before, but I am very lucky my boyfriend shares my sense of adventure.. though I think I am a bit too spontaneous. After a few u-turns we finally made it to the path of the cave.

I scurried up, barefoot and taking pictures.
Before we knew it we were hiking behind a small waterfall looking over all of Utah.

After exploring the cave we went on to explore a few ghost towns. 
But I will wait until tomorrow to share those pictures with you.


  1. Ghost towns? I can't wait to see the pics!!! I have always wanted to explore some!

    BTW Utah looks amazing!

  2. Gorgeous pics! I'm the opposite, I wanted to get out of Utah and experience something new, and it was leaving Utah that made me appreciate and love Utah all the more.

  3. So beautiful!

    I have grown to love the place I live exactly the same way: exploring, finding all the beautiful nooks and crannies. Though, I know my thirst for adventure can't be sated by my home state alone.

    I love the muddy feet pictures! Perfect.

  4. Haha, I love Brad's sceptical face in that picture!
    You're right, exploring and opening your eyes for the beauty around you certainly is the best way of loving where you live...

  5. I love that cross by the mouth of the canyon. Did you know it represents where Escalante and Dominguez came into the valley? Every time I drive past it, I picture them coming out of the hills with smiles on their faces.

    I think Utah can be very beautiful (during the one month its green haha!) But if you want to be surrounded by beauty, you should come up to my grandparents cabin sometime. It's one of the places I feel the most peace in this world.

  6. that last picture looks like something out of the Labyrinth

  7. Spontaneous adventures are the best! <3

  8. Call me crazy, but Utah looks quite beautiful from the pictures ;) Looks like an amazing time!

  9. I relate to this post a bit more than some of your others, because I am not loving PA at all & have been here for almost 11 yrs. now. I was born & raised in WA state, and I will forever long for it, deeply and in a way such as is painful if reflected upon for too long.

    I try to see the beauty around me as you've talked about, and I will continue to do so. However, my heart knows what it wants, and sadly PA is not, nor ever will be, it.

  10. Such pretty green country. It's nice to be able to walk bare feet on the ground with out stepping on someones carelessly place beer can. There seems to be less and less of these places or maybe i'm just not going far enough out of "civilisation".


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