Friday, June 3, 2011

Feathers, Leather, and Pearls

 Pearls have been an obsession of mine lately, and feathers always have. So, I decided to combine the two. I love the look of feathers and pearls together. It's a very natural, earthy look, mixed with a classy sophisticated look.

I am also wearing my newest homemade plugs. Mahogany hollowed out with amethyst chunks in the center. You can't see them too well in these pictures, but I adore them.
The other night Destinee and I had a creating party. We trashed the apartment with feathers, string, leather, and tools. Wicket kept sneaking feathers from my pile to chew on under the couch.. It was a fun and productive night.
I love feather earrings because they are lightweight. I can't wear anything heavy because of my stretched ears. Feathers are so lightweight I can just slip them under the plug and forget about them.

I will be adding all these earrings to the shop today. Most of them will not be duplicated or relisted.
I'm not sure how often I will be posting earrings.. I guess this is just a trial run.

Some of the earrings are very big and flashy, like the peacock ones. Some are very long with silver chain and traces of peacocks. And some are very simple with just leather, and feathers.
I can't decide which ones I like best.

I'm pretty excited about this new line of feather earrings. I will have them listed by tonight!

Oh, and here are some disclaimers.

I have replaced all the hooks on the earrings after taking photos. Any earrings you purchase will never have been worn.
The pearls are faux pearls, they are round beads with a pearly paint over them. The "leather" is a faux leather/suede microfiber cord. I always try to get my feathers cruelty free too! Talk2thetrees is a tree hugging company, which means I love my animal friends too!


  1. I love this! So cute...and I loooove the blond in your hair...very sweet looking! Hearts, janna lynn

  2. I think I like the simple ones better. I have a pair of super long and flashy feather earrings, and I don't wear them that much, I kinda wanna cut half of it off, but am afraif of ruining them.

  3. I love the feathers and pearls. Sea and sky coming together! And of course I love the Peacock ones. But, I love peacock anything :-)

  4. You are so pretty! Love the red and black feather earrings. xx

  5. Aww your so beautiful! Lovin' the feathers a lot!

  6. I love the peacock ones on you! gorgeous!

  7. they are so beautiful! i wish i had my ears pierced so bad (yeah, i'm pretty lame.) as soon as i do i might just have to grab up some feathers!!



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