Thursday, June 23, 2011

Creative Space

I have finally taken photos of my "workshop" It's a beautiful space in the house that I have claimed. It is my creative space, filled with things that inspire me and make me happy.  Here are some pictures of my creative space.
4 necklaces for the "Sticks And Stones Collection"
I love art! I plan on using these frames for future projects.
The fabric leaves I include in my packages.
Vintage fabric collected throughout the years.
Mmmm I love lace!

Art supplies.
My desk.
The yarn storage.
Little Mowgli's paw print.
Glass teapot from Destinee.
More art supplies.
My easel, and a few paintings I'm working on. 
The Girl With the Flowers in Her Hair will be added to the shop once I scan her in!
Supplies for "Sticks And Stones"
Amethyst is my favorite. 


  1. I love the new look Rachel!! You are so talented + crafty!!! I love Mowgli in the banner. SO sweet. And I love seeing your crafty space. Especially the different frames!! How lovely!!
    PS How did you make the little paw ornament? And how did you clean off little Mowgli's paw? I would love to do this with my kitties, but I am not sure about the chemicals or such.

    Have a wonderful day dear!!! xoxoox

  2. I have a really hard time using up my "treasures" —the lush things I have collected through the years... I'd rather just surround myself with them *sigh*

    It just hurts too much to part with my unique papers, fabrics and buttons! Something I must overcome, for sure.

  3. Hey Megan! The paw print was made for me by the vet after he passed away... It's very sad.. but I'm still glad I have it. When Wicket turns one, I'm going to make him one. They have little paw print kits at craft stores for it!

  4. oh the photos of your creative space is so inspiring!

  5. I love the glass teapot! I wish I had a whole room to be creative in. Right now all I have is a corner. But it's still a cool space :) I call my my "little studio"

  6. Gaahh! the Star Wars cases! <3 talking about film vintage.

    And this "^___^" for Mowgli's paw print,


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