Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Little Late

I'm a little late here... but I am bringing back leg warmers and wrist warmers into the shop. I know it's the end of May, and not many people would want to wear wrist warmers, leg warmers or even hats. (Unless you are in Utah like me and it has been cold and rainy for the last 3 weeks.)
BUT these have been in my pile of things to be photographed and I finally got around to it. I'm sure there are still people out there in need of warmth. I know I am one.

Brad is acting as my new photographer.. and I am quite impressed. Although, he makes me blush while he takes the pictures.. he tells me nice things and compliments me while he is snapping away.

So, throughout the day I will be adding new things to the shop. Four hats, one headband, one scarf, one pair of leg warmers, and one pair of wrist warmers.. but like all of my items, these are made to order, and can be made in any color!

Puff Stitch Hat in Mustard Yellow. (My favorite color!)
Hand Knit Leg Warmers
Puff Stitch Hat in Cream
Decorative Bandanna/Scarf in Teal
The Raggamuffin Cap in brown
Raggamuffin Cap, and Raggamuffin Wrist Warmers
Bow Style Headband/Ear Warmer in Teal
Leg Warmers and Mustard Yellow Puff Stitch Hat

Keep your eyes open for them by this evening!


  1. Such beautifully gorgeous knits :)

  2. Great job! I love the teal bandana/scarf!

  3. I am a big fan of your beanie hats so I am in love with this mustard darling <3 and teal band! you've so much talent and skill!!

  4. Love them! You'll bring fashion into Utah haza lol. Love your hair too!

  5. I think it's OK to post them now. I'm always cold. I've tested my warmth breaking point and it's 82 degrees. If it's lower then 70 I might get chilly out of the sun. I always bring scarfs with me all year round because people tend to crank the AC so it's 60 in there homes. And somehow I always sit in it's breeze zone. burr.

  6. 58° in Seattle today AGAIN! Great knits and photos!

  7. you're so pretty! the outfit suits you! :)

  8. Hey, think abou the people in Aussieland, they're all ready steady for winterime, so you're on perfect timing. love the mustard hat, it's sooo beautiful!

  9. let me tell you I live in Utah too and I'm making scarves for winter right now hahaha fashionable and warm! I these designs above!!! I think I will try the leg warmers


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