Friday, March 4, 2011

It Has Been Too Long..

It has been a very long time since I have made new hats. I'm really excited about these three new hats. It's been a while since I've listed new styles..

I am in love with this red one. It's super soft, and warm. It's crocheted so one side is a bit longer, like a flapper hat. This hat reminds me of the 20's.. one of my favorite eras.

This hat is crocheted to have thick textured stripes. It also includes a small brim and buttons. Oh, how I love buttons. I like to think of this hat as the color "wheat." I miss wheat.

And this last hat reminds me of a doily. Lately I've been in LOVE with lace, and pretty ruffly things.. So I wanted to create a hat that has that same girly lace-like feel to it. This hat is crocheted using cotton yarn. I love the feel of cotton yarn.

These hats are now available in the shop! I loved my little "vacation." I was able to make new hats,  work on some custom paintings, and do some other side projects... but as much as I love my "vacations" it always feels so good to be back.


  1. I love the wheat hat!

    I still haven't learned to crochet. :(
    Maybe some day..

  2. They're all great. I especially love the "Wheat" colored one... I'm glad you've been busy creating... :)

  3. eeeep!!! I love that doily hat!! How sweet!!!
    You are so creative darling!!

  4. Cute hats! I love the little buttons too :)
    and Oh my goodness, you have incredibly beautiful eyes!

  5. Love all of these but I think the last one is my favorite! And I totally agree with Rosanna - you have absolutely gorgeous eyes! Great work!

  6. the last hat is really gorgeous! Also, you are ridiculously pretty. :)


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