Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Adventure

Last week I went on a grand adventure with Brad and Brad from Wake UP Nebula. We explored 2 abandoned houses, a chained off vintage school bus, and we went all the way to Antelope Island.
The plan was to just take pictures of the boys for their new website... But I was able to get plenty of shots of nearly everything. 
I think abandoned run down houses are so beautiful.
I wonder what the flooring looks like under all that mess.
This boy treats me like a princess. His name is Brad. (Mowgli approves.)

I'm going back to this bus today for some more pictures!
I love moss.
Antelope Island was so cold and windy, but incredibly beautiful.

You should have heard my scream of excitement when I found these. Yes, I took them home.

We saw lots of bison, but no antelope.

I love adventures...


  1. Your photographs are amazing!! I want them for my wall :)
    I love run down houses too, I live in Ireland so I spend a fair bit of my time walking in the countryside looking for them. Sadly though we have no vintage school buses! That one is so cool!

  2. These pictures are beautiful. Remind me of my trip to Utah

  3. I can't believe living in Utah my whole life I haven't been to antelope island. Lame. lol Awesome pics though!

  4. O my goodness I love antelope island.. its so pretty in the summer when the sand is this pretty orange color.. I've never seen it in the winter... I must go now!! ha ha.. sadly there is not a whole lot of Antelope there.. :( On side note your pictures are FREAKEN AMAZING!!! :)

  5. You live near BISON??? I am officially jealous. That is the coolest thing that I have ever seen. Also you are a really great photographer. Enjoying your posts as always :)
    <3 Leeya

  6. Yay, moss! I love these pictures, great job!

  7. Aaaye, love the landscape pictures! So dramatic! It's good to be outside... :o)

  8. BEAUTIFUL! these are so good! i had no idea you were such a good photographer! also, where are you? can i live where you live? please? it is go gorgeous...

  9. OH MY GOD your photos are amazing!!! I love the fish eye lense shots! I'm longing to have a lense like that o man.

  10. Oh man Your adventures are awesome! Makes me wanna go on more adventures myself...I can't wait!!

  11. love the pictures! what kind of lens did you use?


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