Sunday, January 9, 2011

Today was a miserable day. I was incredibly lonely and feeling just terrible. I had to go through a lot of my old things, look through old pictures and relive a few memories. It was very hard. I'm feeling just a little bit broken and my heart is very heavy. I got home and I cleaned. I hate cleaning. I only do it when I'm upset.. I cleaned the whole house and even my bedroom. That is something, you know.. I am a pretty messy person when it comes to my bedroom.  Then I painted. I didn't paint much but it was good. I haven't painted since November. Then as I painted I remembered one of my favorite quotes. 
I love this quote.. but I can't decide if it is meant to be a happy quote or a sad quote.. I guess that just depends on the day.
Tomorrow is a new day..
I'm hoping it will be better.


  1. Chin up girly a new day will bring sunshine!

  2. I love your paintings keep painting, all good art comes from pain.

  3. Everything will work out. You're too great for it not to!

  4. Burning those old pictures can help... I didn't feel right until I had thrown out every item that gave me a negative memory and burned every last rotten photo. It might be worth a try!


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