Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Little Bit Of Red

I dyed my hair today. I never really think things through when it comes to my hair. I get an idea to dye it, and I go out and dye it. Or I decide I want it shorter, so I cut it. I get bored with my hair too easily... and I'm also a pretty spontaneous person, so my hair changes quite often. I decided to go a little darker with a touch of red.


  1. It looks great! My question is did you go to a salon or do it yourself? Either way I think the color looks wonderful on you ^_^

  2. it looks beautiful! you are beautiful! you remind me of a pixie fairy <3

  3. nothing makes you feel quite as good as changing up your hair! i also get pretty restless and my hair color changes monthly... the red suits you :)

  4. It looks great! i do that too, i get bored of looking at myself everyday and try for a change


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