Sunday, November 7, 2010

Perfect Adventures

Fungus had to say goodbye to his kitty-man-hood last Friday. We took him to get neutered at 7:30 in the morning. (This is normally the time I go to sleep!) But I was a good normal human being, and I went to sleep early, and woke up early.
I dropped my little baby off and went to hangout in Memphis all day. I really do mean all day.
We had apartment inspections.. and we needed to be out of the house. With Mowgli.
We were out for nearly 12 hours. I'm not even kidding. We spent all day exploring. I had the time of my life because I love to be out and about discovering new things. Taylor on the other hand got bored real quick. But we were forced to be out of the apartment... 
so I didn't even have to argue. 
I got my way.
We walked down Beale Street and went into some fascinating shops and talked with some wonderful people. There was one shop that had been around since 1876 and had all sorts of voodoo dolls and spells. 
I loved it.

I even got myself a voodoo doll..
(which Mowgli really wants to chew.)
After Beale Street we explored more of downtown and other random roads I insisted turning down.

We found a fabulous antique mall where I got to talk to the shop owner about antique yarn, old books, and cockatiels.
I did pick out some delightful books, including one that reminding me of my mom. A poetry book by James Whitcomb Riley. I read the poems out loud and couldn't stop my laughing. The wonderful spelling and the bright illustrations are so inspiring to me.

We continued on our adventure. 

Driving all over the city, back and forth and back and forth.

I took picture after picture and kept crying out, 
"Look! Look, how beautiful!"
"Aw Wow! What a pretty road!"
"Stop the car! I neeeeed pictures of this one! Okay.. hurry up, some guy is walking to the car..."
"Ahh! The trees are golden! Loooook!"

We ended the day by picking up a groggy little kitty who was very happy to see me.
I held him and rubbed his belly telling him I would never let that happen to him again.. and as far as I know.. the neutering procedure has never had to be done twice.. so I think I'm in the clear.
I'm not sure who had the worst day.. Fungus having surgery, Mowgli being cramped in a purse or a car all day, or Taylor having to drive around and around while listening to me go on and on about leaves and street names... But I do know who had the best day.



  1. Oh you look so pretty and your dog is so freaking cute! I love all of these pictures. :)

    Little Sugar Monster

  2. So many beautiful pictures! It feels a bit like going around exploring along with you. ^__^ I want to cuddle Mowgli, I'm in such a dog-longing stante right now! O__O

  3. I'm glad you found the poem book--I love the illustrations!

  4. Hahahah! You sound like me with the "Stop here! Okay go there's a man walking towards the car!" That poem book looks amazing. This sounds like the perfect day to me. :)

  5. wow i love you pictures. love the golden trees. love the tree-lined streets. love the typewriter. love your voodoo doll. love those poems- 'it might be a dimple turned over, you see!'- hahaha! i'm stoked for you that you had such an awesome outing day!

  6. What a fantastic day!!!!
    I just LOVE all your photos!!
    What a beautiful little adventure you and the hubby took!!! :) and your outfit is SOOO adorable! I hope that Fungus is feeling better. I remember taking our little fur balls to the doctors for that lovely appt. Poor babies!!!
    P.S. I am wearing your beautiful wearable in my blog post today!! I just LOOOVE it!!!!!
    Have a wonderful day,

  7. This whole post is just amazing.
    Memphis really is pretty.
    Love to the kitty! The recovery will be quick.

  8. That would have been a great day for me as well :)!

  9. This post was perfecttion - the pictures, the scenry, the animals, the poetry, with the only exception of the poor kitty's surgery - hope he gets better soon! :) xxZ

  10. Memphis was never really somewhere I was interested in seeing.... until now! Everything looks so quaint and beautiful. Thanks so much for this wonderful post and those lovely pictures :)

  11. oh Im happy for you! that was such an amazing day indeed! the photos are super lovely and my favorite one would be the photo of the old fashioned cash registrar, it's soo charming <3

  12. I visited memphis for about 3 hours exactly a year ago...your photos are making me want to go back!

  13. Wow what a great time you had! I love your pets' names!

  14. Rachael!

    I love looking at your photos-
    I love your optimism
    I love how you take so many pictures
    I love how you look GREAT IN EVERY ONE.
    I love how your blog makes me smile.

    Thank you.

  15. OOOhh you have the perfect lighting for pictures :D

    Oh man I go crazy in vintage shops hahah

    looks like you had a lot of fun!! now send some good weather to washington hahah

  16. Sounds Like u had a lovely day Rachael :)

  17. What a fun adventure & gorgeous photos! I've always loved Memphis!


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