Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friendly Visitors and Chilly Weather

Oh my goodness it's been cold here! It rained for two days straight. Today there was sunlight, but the cold kind.. It's weather like this that makes me glad I know how to knit. I was able to walk to the mailbox (quite the hike to be honest) wearing a nice warm hat and a scarf I made. Speaking of scarves.. I've been thinking of putting some up at the shop. What do you think? I haven't yet hopped on the Cowl Wagon either.. It's something I've been contemplating, and now that my back is feeling a bit better, I might be up to hopping.

The couch still smells and we are still sleeping on an air mattress. The new couch and bed were supposed to be delivered today. We will see. I don't mind making calls. I'm stubborn, I push people and annoy people, but at least I get things done. There is no excuse for a stinky couch and a worn out bed.

Anyways.. I won't get into all that. I will just make myself grumpy.

The rain has brought all sorts of life to my front porch.
I accidentally squished this little one under the door. I was screaming and panicking, he just seemed slightly annoyed. Don't worry, he hopped away safely and even came back the next day.
Mr. Toad, why are you looking over the horizon of grass blades?
Mr. Toad, what is it that you are searching for?
Perhaps a napkin? I see some grass stuck to your face.
Once again I find myself so lucky to be surrounded by nature. We live in a huge apartment complex. Huge. But out of every unit we could have lived in, we were assigned the one with the trees behind it. 
It's definitely worth the big clean up and the stinky couch.


  1. Awesome! I love that picture of him looking over the horizon. What a cute little guy.

    And I think you should DEFINITELY put scarfs up in the shop!

  2. Aw, I always love animal pictures, and those ones are particularly cute!
    I feel like I haven't seen a toad in such a long time, though. My dog tends to eat them before I get the chance to visit with them.

  3. perhaps a napkin?

    hahaha!!! you crack me up.

    i think you totally manifested the apartment by the trees.

  4. Pretty place! I want to come visit!

  5. Haha I love the toad! Also, I am all for scarves and cowls! they are all I've been making the last few days (thats because they are my favorite fall accessory... and because it's all I can really make other than the same basic hat over and over)

  6. Your photos are so amazing!! You must have an awesome camera. Plus a very talented knack for photography. I love Mr. Toad. He's rather endearing in spite of the warts.

    Scarves and cowls sound like two thumbs up right about now.

  7. I confess I had to squint my eyes through those massive, hyper-detailed pictures of Mr. Toad. *Shivers*
    You really are lucky to be surrounded by trees, though! My long-term plan is to move away to some form of enchanted woodland...

  8. So glad to hear things are looking up! Beautiful trees, ... interesting frog.

  9. Cowls and scarfs take longer to make but are definitely worth it.

  10. I love when little toads visit. It makes the rain worth it! And yes to the scarves in your shop! :-)

  11. Aaw, little toad! He looks kind of annoyed actually. I think you´re very strong to be able to make a new home wherever you go and find the bright sides! I wish I could knit. I'd make a huge chunky cowl if I could.. So warm!

  12. that is so awesome! cute little toad.


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