Friday, November 12, 2010


Bigfoot lives behind my house. Remember that beautiful forest area I told you about? That is where he lives. You may have seen some of my stories on Facebook or twitter... perhaps not.  I will share.

Okay, so I haven't actually seen him that well, But I do have some stories.

First couple of nights here I was out taking Mowgli to go potty. I heard strange noises in the woods. Heavy breathing, and the bushes were moving like something large was coming towards me. It was loud enough for Taylor to hear from inside. I ran inside yelling and laughing a bit.

Next night I was up late putting together some hats, Taylor was sleeping and I was with Mowgli and Fungus. I hear something right against the window. It was actually touching the window. I swear I heard growling and saw a big shadow. Mowgli who normally barks at everything he hears just stared at the window and slowly crept behind me. He was terrified.

Two nights ago around 2am I take Mowgli out to go potty. I am pretty cautious since Bigfoot could actually be a crazy person who is out to get small fragile girls who knit. So as Mowgli is doing his business I peer out and look at the lining of the forest. I see a huge shape go into the woods! Once again I run into the house yelling and laughing about it.

The very next morning I walked outside and look into the forest. I started to hear the sound of sticks being hit together! Wood knocking is a known form of communication between primates.

Maybe I watch way too much Monster Quest and X-files.. 
I try not to go out at night anymore..

Yesterday Mowgli and I went out to play in the sun and see if we could spot our neighbor.

Mowgli uses his excellent tracking skills to look for Bigfoot.
Right where I heard the strange noises the first night.
Bigfoot feet?!  No.. just mine.
Where I saw the big dark shape enter the woods.
I got a bit distracted by all the pretty fall colors and the sunshine.. so the hunt was unsuccessful.
No one truly knows what Bigfoot looks like, but there are speculations..

Bigfoot is known to have primate features..
Perhaps a Bigfoot dog? No.. just me and Mowgli wearing our Monkey Hats from the shop.
An artist rendition of Bigfoot. The artist being me.. 
I kind of just did this to make myself laugh. 
It worked.

I will keep you updated on my Bigfoot hunt.

Speaking of Monsters...

I seem to be living with one. 

Terrifying. I know.


  1. whoa!!! a real live bigfoot!?!?

    i would so set up hidden cameras.

  2. O. M. G.
    1) That drawing is AMAZING!!! I am thinking of printing it out and hanging it in my room!! :)
    2) Your puppy is terrifying!! :)
    3) If you do ever find Mr. Bigfoot run in the opposite direction!!!
    4) beautiful photos!!
    5) Wonderful story
    Have a lovely day darling and be careful out in there 'em woods!!

  3. You may catch something paranormal. Don't do it! :D

  4. Hahahah! Rachael I adore your blog so much, I really do. That would absolutely terrify me, but I LOVE that you were yelling AND laughing about it as you ran inside. Hahah.

    Amazing post! And be careful!

  5. I live in Oklahoma, deep in the woods. We have a female black panther that comes through regularly. She doesn't bother my guineas, chickens or turkeys at all. But...the other day, something big and black went through the woods behind my house and neither my big pitbull nor poodle went after it. They just stood behind me. Yep, I went in the house slowly and locked my doors.
    Be safe my friend!

  6. Ooo, scary! I hate that feeling of something watching you out of the shadows, it's like a caveman throw back. Let us know if anything else happens!

  7. My kids are OBSESSED with bigfoot---Harry and the Hendersons. We need to come visit!!! :)

  8. I hope he doesn't find you! Kinda scary.
    p.s. Mogli is super precious!

  9. mowgli looks so adorable in his little hat!! If only my pup would sit still!!

  10. i was thinking yesterday that i had watched too much x-files because when we were at wal-mart the man in front of us in line was buying about 15 cans of disinfectant spray and had a u.s. government employee badge on his belt. it made me feel like he knows something that i don't know...

  11. oh hohohoh really cool post! I watch a lot of monster quest too o.o the photos you took are scary but lovely as always and you two look super adorable in those hats <3

  12. Aah, be careful! O___O (and oh god how I need a tiny dog with a monkey-hat now..)

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  14. This post was hilarious! Maybe Bigfoot just wants to be friends? Your dog looks adorable in his little monkey hat :)

  15. kinda scary but I can tell you kinda like that :) be careful tho! xo

  16. i love mowgli and his rawrring gnashing cute!!!
    those noises would totally freak me out.....

    miss you tons.


  17. I'm pretty sure that dog in that hat is the CUTEST thing EVER!

  18. I LOVE Monster Quest. Especially the one on bigfoot with the DNA. Weird to admit it but I think they convinced me !

  19. Scary, but then I'm paranoid by nature :D Mowgli looks adorable in that monkey hat :)

  20. Check for hair samples near where the 'shadow' entered the woods!


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