Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This post probably won't make a whole lot of sense. I've recently caught a cold or something.
My head feels cloudy, and my hands feel weak, so words are not coming out right.. 
Which is probably why my post title just says "Ugghhh."
That is all my brain is able to say to me, other than "Take a naappp."

So pictures make a little more sense right now.

I just wanted to post few new things that have been added to the shop.

A hat made from a blend of acrylic and wool roving.
This is my very favorite color of green.
A little mermaid/ water nymph.
I'm really jealous of her blue hair.
And finally a little red head with her fox pal.
I've always wanted to snuggle up with a fluffy fox.


  1. I'm not feeling real well, either, lately, so I sympathize.
    Have you had non-stop sneezing? 'Cause I hate that.

    I absolutely love that fox/red head picture, too. It's almost TOO lovely. Almost. But instead it's just the right amount.

  2. I like to hug trees. :) Gorgeous blog!
    I think I shall be back!
    That hat is gorgeous & the color is perfecTioN!

    Love n' Hugs!

  3. Aaw, take a nap, and drink hot tea with honey in it! I love that hat, that truly is a pretty shade of green! ^_^

  4. Let's hope that it's just a nasty case of allergies!

  5. Let's hope that it's just a nasty case of allergies!

  6. Feel better! Those drawings are amazing! Really stunning and beautiful :)

  7. Aaaahh:)

    Charming work as always lovely!

    Thanks for stopping by my little part of blog world, your visit for tea would have been charming for Isi indeed.

    btw: hope the cold is short lived and the only one you get this year:)


  8. There's a puppy at the dog park I go to that looks just like a fox, I want one!

  9. I love the new art! Colored pencils and pastels were made for you :)

  10. I love the hat - and that's a lot from someone who's not much of a hat person! And your drawings are terrific!

  11. love everything! Especially the mermaid!

  12. brilliant works and I just can;t get over the cuteness of your pixie hair and beanie :>


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