Monday, August 16, 2010

Sweet Tooth

I am not a pink person.. or a purple person, but when I came across these colors of yarn and couldn't help but want them. The pink reminded me of bubble gum! The purple reminded me of blackberry sorbet and the turquoise reminded me of blue raspberry slushies. The color is so incredible!

So here are the three newest hats that will be added to Talk2thetrees later this evening. 
Delicious as they are.. they will not make your teeth  hurt. 
I love how many colors are in this pink one!
My favorite thing about these hats is you can have the point face up or down! 
They are very pliable points.
Mmmmm Blue Raspberry Slushies....

I will also be adding a whole new style of hats this week. 
I'm very excited about these new ones! 

Fall is coming and I am so very excited!


  1. i love those hats AND your hair! you totally pull off any hair color. jealous.

  2. you are so so so cute!!

    i accidentally dyed my hair that very same colour (from red) though now that i've washed it a couple times, the red is starting to show through...still super dark though! it looks great on you, xo

  3. I love the blue raspberry one! I also saw this calendar and thought of you:

    I think it'll make you smile!

    Sarah x

  4. Oh dear, I love the teal one! I want it!

  5. love those colors! Those hats look adorable on you!! gosh! ;)

  6. the colors are great, i love your hat, the color of an egg plant, it is bound to draw attention where you wear it and looks cool

  7. Loving the turquoise hat! Adorable.


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