Monday, August 16, 2010

Adventures in Black and White

I can't wait for fall. 
Fall means change, and I need a change. 

Summer is nice, but fall is my favorite.


  1. such lovely soft focus to these everything a wonderful tone.

  2. i agree. fall is so brief. there's this feeling in the air.. what is that feeling? i can't put my finger on it right now.

  3. gorgeous, gorgeous photos. sets the mood perfectly and YES, I'm in the mood for fall.

  4. loving the pictures in the graveyard -- yesterday i sat at my desk and looked at halloween things online for nearly 2 hours! halloween is my favorite holiday, i am so excited for fall and pumpkins and cardigans that i can barley stand it! ha!

    p.s. - can you share a little something about your plugs {if i'm even calling it the right thing}? i want to gauge my ears and i was wondering how much time you kept in between the next size up? do they really smell? and where do you get all of your cute jewelry? thanks! :)

  5. I love your cute dress!
    I might be ready for fall... but I love summer. I am definitely NOT ready for winter!

  6. Oooo ghostly pictures. I like how they turned out and how they tell a story. You and your hubs are so cute by the way. And I can wait for Fall! ha ha. I love summer.


  7. those are beautiful photos, i most specially move the one where you were kissing the little pup! :3

  8. gosh...
    these are lovely
    just lovely
    pretty girl!
    blessings Eden

    I love these photos so much. I see you were at the cemetery again? :) What type of camera did you use for these? They are stunning...

    P.S. I like your new banner. It's very earthy, my fav.


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