Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Change Is In The Air

Right now, I'm very ready for change.
Fall is on it's way here and I couldn't be more excited!
Fall always means change to me.
I love fall, I love the way the leaves change. 
I am so lucky to be where I am because fall seems to last way longer here than it does in Utah. 

Utah's falls last only a few weeks. 
The leaves change and then it gets too cold and icy they just turn brown and disappear under the snow!  

The falls out here last months. The trees stay bright red and orange. 
The forests literally look painted. 
I love it. 
"Painted Leaves"

This painting was inspired by the painted leaves of fall, falling off the trees.

Change is in the air. I can feel it.

First off, I have just listed a big bunch of new hats. 

I understand not everyone is the pixie type. Not everyone wants to have a point on their hats. This hat is perfect for those "Forest-Folk" who do not feel like looking like a pixie.
These hats are made to order.. because I kind of just fall in love with each hat I make, and wear them all the time.

I have also just listed two new collages.
Prints are also available for these.
I love texture. I love color. I love pattern. I love cute inspirational quotes.

Some more changes that I see:
I am going to have a second bedroom in my new apartment! 2nd Bedroom= studio! I will finally have my very own place to paint and create! More importantly.. store all of my supplies.

I am going to be cooking more! I really am a good cook promise. (My mom taught me well.) 
I just have been lazy, and busy and blah blah excuse after excuse.
These last few months of living in hotels and halfway moved in apartments have made me really want to cook! We've had to eat out a lot lately, and I'm sick of it! 
I will be cooking wonderful dinners twice a week or more and reporting it here. 
It will keep me motivated.

I will also be clearing out some of the older items in my shop. 
It's very full right now, and I'm ready to retire some of the older stuff. 
My shop has almost been open for a whole year now! (Wow, I can't believe that.)
So I feel like it's time for a change in my shop. 
Out with the old, in with the new. I have not yet decided which items will be retired yet. 
I will try and post them soon.

Like I said... I can't wait for fall. It means Halloween! 
Another change for me.. When it comes to Halloween I focus on scary and spooky. 
I can't wait to share some of my Halloween Art with you!
I hope you still like me after I show that dark side of mine... 
So, what's your favorite season? Do you have any big changes coming up?


  1. Your work is so beautiful :)
    I love your painting!!
    And your hats & collages...
    You are such a talented girl!

  2. I love your painting... It's fantastic! The collages and hats are fabulous too :) I'm gonna buy one of those hats!

    I love fall too, but here in Texas we don't get much of a fall. It snowed for the first time in 5 years this past winter, so that was great! I've only experienced fall when I went to New York... Definitely my favorite season!

  3. Ooh, Fall is my favorite season of all. I love the painted trees you created! Really there hasn't been a thing of yours I've come across that I DON'T like, though. I really really want a hat...

  4. Ooh, sweet stuff! I love those trees you painted! :D
    I love both spring and fall because as you say, they mean change! I have changes going on, both good and bad. A good thing is that I opened a very own etsy-shop today! Exciting! ^_^ You inspire me.. *hugs*

  5. Oh I love those hats! So gorgeous! I like pretty much all the seasons! I think summer is probably my favourite though, I adore being outside in the nice weather!

  6. hello my dear friend!!! i miss you!

    omg I don't even know where to begin but there is not one thing about this post I don't absolutely LOVE!!!

    How are you doing? I'm excited about this changing you're taking on! Can't wait to hear all about how it goes!!!
    sending you lots of hugs!!!

    ps. you're lucky you get to experience fall, down here it's summer all around :(

  7. Have I told you lately how beautiful you are? I love you, Mom

  8. WOW you look so stunning in these photos - I just adore them!

  9. I just LOVE the collages - I see a lot of movement in them.

  10. love these hats! did you make up your own pattern or follow one?

  11. Thanks Jordan! I make up all the patterns. I'm not sure how to read patterns!

  12. darn! wish i could find one like this, would love to try it out

  13. Is your etsy shop for hats still open? I can't find it anywhere! Love your hats and paintings:)


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