Monday, July 12, 2010

When I'm Not Creating...

You can usually find me:

Taking walks in the rain with my best pal Mowgs,
 Ruining my best pair of shoes,

Sipping Tea in our newly decorated dining room. 
Straightening up my painting space,
(Still need to finish this one!)
Cleaning up after kittens who became monsters overnight.
Finding pretty flowers who love all this rain,
Playing with my purrrty new phone,
Loving all the little mushrooms that grow along the path,
Sneaking up on the little kitties for a peaceful picture,
Falling in LOVE with Fungus, the sweetest kitten I've ever encountered,
 Making delicious meals,
  And making you jealous by my dessert,
It looks like a party!
Ha! You think I can eat all that?!
90% of it is in my freezer... 
But I think I'll go get it,


What a wonderful relaxing weekend... now, back to work!


  1. lovely photo with the blue shoes and water! Stunning painting that you are working on there!
    Thanks as always for sharing :)

  2. I love the blue shoes photos with Mowgli :) and I am very very jealous of your party-tastic dessert...all I have are some stale jaffa cakes - not terribly exciting!

    Sarah x

  3. Love your painting, so beautiful :) and your headband! :)
    xx, Jamie

  4. OMG FUNGUS!!! THE KITTENS ARE SUUPERR CUTE!! please forgive me for my caps but I love kitties so much!!

  5. Your kittens are so cute! How can you paint on a carpet? That would be ruined in a day if it were me.

  6. love those adorable kittens, i also share an obsession with the iphone, and i may or may not have nominated you for an award on my blog ;)

  7. i adore the name of your little darn cute!!! and that ice cream is making my mouth water.....

    take care sweetie.....your photos are absolutely divine!!!


  8. You have the absolute best pictures EVER! :D I love them!! and I want your kittens. Totally do.

    I found your blog from Oh Noes Sock Monkeys :) Thanks for sharing!!


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