Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I'm a pretty spontaneous person. I love adventure and I love change, but I like it when I get to plan the change or the adventure.

I was so upset when I found out we were moving to Arkansas. After I got used to the idea I was okay with it. We've been living here since April and I love it. I've been able to replace any bad memories with good ones. I no longer thing of Arkansas as "Worlds Worst Summer Vacation." I've been able to get out and explore, see the beautiful trees, and make new friends!

Mindy from Tim's Sally emailed me a few weeks ago introducing herself. She has such a cute shop. We made plans to hang out.. and ooo I was nervous! I'm not so good at making friends anymore so it was really hard for me to not be shy. My friend Cat from Spot Light Jewelry came with us. (Her husband works for the same company as Taylor.)
I had such a good time. We were able to talk Etsy and art and all sorts of things. Every time Cat and I even bring up our shops we get made fun of from our husband and their coworkers. Not cool.
 Cat and Mindy in Little Rock

We went to an illustration exhibit at the local library. It was amazing seeing hand painted illustrations, and pencil marks and little imperfections. I recognized some of the older illustrations from books from my childhood.
Fountains in front of the library

After the exhibit we went out to lunch at The Starving Artist Cafe. It was filled with art, even the tables were painted like paintings.
We all ended up ordering the same exact salad, which was quite delicious.
I happen to be a slow eater, and felt silly still eating when everyone else was done. I think I was too busy looking at all the art.
We went to a little bead store and a little art gallery near by. I loved walking around the streets and taking pictures of the hand painted signs and awesome buildings.
Afterwords we went to the Little Rock Arts Center. We had fun walking around and looking at all the art. It was a fabulous day, I wouldn't have experienced any of that if it wasn't for my new friend Mindy!

We plan on having a painting party, but it better come soon because I just found out some news...

My husband's job has us moving every four to six months. We've lived in 3 states so far; California, North Carolina, and now Arkansas. It's no big deal really.. except we get to find out where we move to two weeks in advance.

Last night we were informed we would be moving to Fayetteville. It's not super far away, only a few hours. The things is, we will have to live in a hotel for about a month, maybe longer! I'm not too excited about that. I feel like I just got settled in here. As soon as I get settled into the hotel and get used to everything.. it will be time for another move!  I guess that's how it goes.

I'm feeling a lot better about the situation today. You should have seen me yesterday... 


  1. That looks like a lovely town. I would have never guessed.

    Your situation sounds so hard. I am glad you are able to cope and look on the bright side of things.

  2. oh wow, im totally at awe with the photography! im glad that you are feeling okay now :D

  3. What an artistic lifestyle. I wish I could travel the way you do.

  4. little rock also has 2nd friday. the 2nd friday of each month the river market is open after hours and there are art galleries and resturants open later than usual. we keep trying to get down there but haven't made it thus far!! ive only known about it for a few months.
    and dont worry about fayetteville---its AWESOME!! im sure you will find your niche there very quickly!!

  5. Oh another move, i swear you just got to Arkansas!

  6. Wow!! Sounds like a fun time! :)

  7. would you rather go to fayetteville or california?? just wondering. I'm glad its not too far away. Driving to Alaska would have been a nightmare if you ended up there.

  8. you have won a award on my blog :P)

    btw I have family in fayetteville :)

  9. Fayetteville is a great town! I have lived in Fayetteville for five years, and I can't imagine living anywhere else! Love your recent post on homemade dresses; I'll be heading out for fabric in the morning!!!


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