Saturday, June 19, 2010

The World Just Got A Whole Lot Scarier

Well at least for these little guys...

Three new sets of eyes opened today.
Three new babies finally got to see what their mama looks like.
Three little kittens met a monster today. (Scary!)
Three little kittens got to make funny faces at a camera.
Three little kittens got to see each other for the first time.
Three little kittens saw me today! And by the looks of things.. they are not too pleased.
Three little kittens got to go exploring today.
Three little kittens discovered how big and bright the world is.
I think it was all too overwhelming.


  1. Ohmygoodness, this is all too much. I love them!

  2. ohhhh my they are so sweet!! nothing better than baby kittehs!

  3. I don't care what anyone says. Even supposed cat haters can't look at a tiny baby kitty and hate it. Everyone loves a little brand new kitten. Aww.

  4. awww that orange one is adorable!!!!

  5. Oh. My. Goodness.
    There are no words.

    I can't WAIT to get out of college and have my own place where pets are allowed to I can have my own baby kitties. :) I mean I know everyone says it's so much better to just adopt from a shelter, spay your animals and all that..... but I just want kitties so bad. :)))

  6. oh my! How cuuuuute!!

    They're funny looking (i think all babies are) but soon they're going to look really cute and really furry! You're lucky to watch them grow up!

    Thanks for all the pics - they make me smile! xo

  7. this is soo lovely and quite the coincidence too because our cat just gave birth a few days ago as well. kittens are such sweet little creatures, its hard to stay down with them around. :)

    and you are right, numbness is a very scary thing. i'm just happy that its starting to fade away..


  8. Awwww! Super cute! I remember the day Ace opened his eyes for the first time. He was laying on Bryant's Chest and they just opened! Little did we know he was the one we were going to keep.


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