Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I've kind of been hiding behind pictures and quotes lately. They just seem to express how I feel a lot better than the words I could think to say. I'm not very good with words. Maybe it's this headache I've had for the last week. Maybe it's the brand new cold that snuck up on me. Maybe it's all this change that's been happening. Maybe it's nothing at all. Maybe I just can't think of anything to say.
But.. you know what?
It's okay to hide.
Because sometimes.. life hurts. Sometimes life just seems to cave in on you. Sometimes you really don't want to exist. This doesn't mean you wish you were dead. This doesn't mean you wish you were never born. It just means you want to hide from the pain and stop feeling just for a little while.
And this is perfectly okay.

And....I haven't just been moping around the house, hiding under the covers.
I've been painting. Lots of painting, lots of styles.. I've been all over the place.

I think what I need is to get over this cold and go on an adventure.


  1. i really like these paintings, the brush strokes on the birds painting is one of my favorite parts of the painting, i really like the mandalas, and the water color, i really like it, its very colorful and i love how the empty space leaves room for the imagination to think about the type of person behind the eyes, i really like them, definitely a very good way to use your time while your in a little hibernation stage. great job!

  2. I'm sorry you're sick. Drink lots of tea and eat lots of toast and soup. Hope everything perks up a bit soon for you! Sending good thoughts your way.

  3. I think it's healthy to go through phases like this. Sometimes we don't know how to express exactly how we're feeling through words. Sometimes its good to turn inwards and take time to think about everything that's going on.

    &Are you drinking enough water? Headaches are usually from dehydration.

  4. I don't know why I even thought to leave a comment without saying something about your paintings! They are lovely; the green one is my fav! xo

  5. Your paintings are beautiful! :)

  6. I love the one with the birdies!! So cute <3
    Hope you'll feel better soon! Take care!!

  7. i hope you feel better soon -- i have really been connecting with your quotes lately and this particular post really hit home for me. i am so happy that you have a creative outlet to get you from one space into another, more positive space. you are very talented and i loved looking at these... that first green one, i could see that hanging up on my wall or something. just love it! :) xo

  8. I love love love the artwork!!! :) xoxo

  9. Sorry you haven't been feeling well. I love your artwork, especially the bird one! SO cute!

  10. Wow, as you've been feeling poorly and hiding, it seems you've been kind of in a cocoon, and what emerges is this beautiful art to share with the world! <3

  11. Your art work is wonderful.
    You should start taking walks. The exercise will be good for you and it will be like an adventure every day.

  12. I love the last one with the eyes...
    and I agree that it is ok to go inside and wonder and think,
    and be quiet... I understand...
    I feel the pain too...
    It's like Kuan Yin in a way...
    I wonder why I pick up on so much energy,
    but maybe it's to transmute it,
    filter back the love...
    Blessing on your path,
    healing for your heart...
    Much love...

  13. Hi Rachael,
    I really liked your blog and you!
    also appreciate all what you described in your profile; I think we have similar settings ... :)
    I loved the hats, super cool!


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