Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Sunshine

Mowgli was sitting like an angel in the sunlight today. I couldn't help but take pictures of him looking so angelic. Him being angelic is a very very rare thing you know. He lays by this window everyday to bark at the neighbors and the birds and anything else he finds interesting. Today he seemed to just be enjoying the 98 degree sunlight.
I'm still uncertain how I was able to capture him looking like such an angel... 
He is quite the monster really.
But.. I love him.
how I love him.
Mowgli loves:
Whining by the door just to lounge in the sun
Chasing kitties
His monkey toy
His shark toy
His bone
My underwear
Shredding toilet paper and hiding it under the bed with my underwear
Long walks
Dancing with me
The Beatles
 Mowgli has lived in 5 different houses with me. (He is only 1!) He has traveled across the United States sitting on my lap the whole time. He has lived on the west coast and the east coast. He has experienced the freezing cold winters of Utah and the good ol southern summers of Arkansas. 
He is my traveling partner and my adventuring buddy. He's been all over the United States!
His ears used to stick up like a normal chihuahua, but as soon as he hit 6 months old they flopped down. People see this as a defect in his breed, I love him for it. His floppy ears make him look silly. You know me.. I love silly things.
Sometimes I wonder if Mowgli knows how happy he makes me, If he knows how much I love him, and how thankful I am for him. How thankful I am for his good morning kisses, his goofy grins, his snuggles and his love.
I think he knows.


  1. SUCH cute pics! I love Mowgli! I didn't even know he was a chihuaua (sp?). His ears are SO cute, I think they are fitting. I swear I think that about my little bulldogs all the time, "Do they know how much I love them?" My family thinks Im silly, Im glad that I have someone who understands how important a furry friend can be! :) Cute post Rach, you never dissapoint:)

  2. Awwww...so cute! You gotta love a dog that loves The Beatles! And he's just so precious! :)

  3. Love him. And If I may ask, Why do you move so much?

  4. Nena Nadine, We move so much because of my husband's job. He installs security systems in different states every summer and fixes them in the fall time.

  5. awww mowgli is such a precious baby! and cyrus loves cheese too :)

  6. Such a good post. My ChiChi acts like and loves the same things. I love the picture in the sunshine. Chico has brought me sooooo much joy.

  7. He's adorable! And I think his floppy ears are the best! Someday, Ace and Mowgli will have to have a play date. I can just see them, running around, one tiny adventurous puppy and my big friendly (wimpy) giant.

  8. Aw, I love this post. Yeah, I'll bet he knows. And I love his floppy ears! Bellas ears go down when she feels she's not getting enough attention, and she's so adorable with her ears down I wish they would stay down.

  9. Wow, I loved these pictures!!! Especially the 3rd and 4th photo. So cute!!!

  10. ohmyy he is the cutest! I love the picture of him squinting in the sun. :]

  11. that was so cute and sweet. the last pic of you guys made me melt. and you're SO right. the best things in life are not things at all.

  12. oh for crying out loud he is so stinkin cute!!

  13. Sounds ruff and adventurous at the same time.

  14. Holy CUTE!!! Geez he's precious!! I love those photos!

  15. The best part about partners in crime is that they will love you no matter what!


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