Sunday, May 30, 2010

I hope you don't mind.

I've recently became obsessed with inspirational quotes and beautiful pictures.
I haven't been feeling to good lately and these have really helped me. 
There is no point in keeping it all to myself. 
Everyone out there is struggling with something. 

I just hope that these random quotes will help someone the way they have helped me.  

So when I don't have anything really good to blog about, 
like when I don't have any new paintings or hats to show you. 
Or when I don't have pictures of trees and flowers.
Or funny things that happened to me or silly adventures.

I will be posting things like this:

They help me a lot.


  1. I love good quotes too. They let me know that everyone has trials and they were able to see positive things through them.

  2. Agreed. I collect these. I post one a week on my blog! Just simple, beautiful, and inspirational.


  3. Whoa I just realized who's blog this is! What are the odds that I would happen upon yours? I got here thru Dori's blog. Love that blog.

    Rachael {Rawlins} Skidmore

  4. this blog is a magical escape from reality. i turn to it whenever i need some inspiration or hopeful words. this post reminded me of it. you should take a gander! xo

  5. hi rachel! i just saw your comment on my blog so i wanted to stop by and see yours and say hi. You have a cute blog and i love it!!!


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