Monday, May 24, 2010

Something Tragic

Something tragic happened here.
That is the sidewalk near my house.
(If you can't tell.. this is the imprint of a frog, in the sidewalk)
I noticed darling mushrooms popping up all over the front yard.
 The next day they were all dried up.
 Oh well, I guess it's good eats! 
But, just kidding. I hate mushrooms, especially the ones that grow on front lawns. 
And this is new!  I'm tragically in love with this hat.


  1. haha i had a beanie like that and got called nipple head. but i liked it too :)

  2. I am tragically in love with your shirt, Rachael! Where did you find it?

  3. Poor little froggy. He is in a better place now, no doubt (and no, I don't mean the concrete)

  4. Oh, poor frog! That makes me so sad! Yesterday there was a cute little bird dead outside my work, I'm 98% he ran into the window. Makes me want to cry.

  5. Emilie I got the shirt from Forever 21 like two summers ago!


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