Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Important Things

Today was a full day of packing and cleaning.
My back is killing me!
The worst part about moving is taking down the decorations.
Because for the last few days when you are living in your house.. it doesn't feel like your house.

Our lives are in boxes.
But the important things are in bags.


Well, in just a few hours Taylor and I are going to the beach.

After we catch a few hours of sleep and pick up some family members from the airport, of course. 

Mowgli has been stressing.. he knows what it means when we put stuff in bags and boxes. 

He knows if he doesn't want to get left behind.. he better place himself in a bag.
Smart guy.


  1. Aww mowgli is so sweet.
    I hope everything is going well ive been reading your blog for a while now its so inspiring.
    I was thinking of buying one of your necklaces from you etsy store there amazing i cant believe you make all that stuff, i like to customise old clothes. I just need to work out how to buy it :).
    Jasmine x

  2. My cat is the same as your dog. To bad she is to afraid to come out with us, would love to have a cat that I can take with me like a dog.
    Its so strange how animals can feel this things.

  3. Smart fella. My pups know when we're getting ready to go to the park and get into their carrier. The sad thing is when they THINK we are going, but we're not and they get in their carrier ready to go and we leave without them. You can see their heart breaking in their eyes.

  4. oh poor mowgli! Haha thats just too adorable! And I know what you mean about taking down the decorations, I wanted all my walls to have something on them to make it feel like a home. Good luck with all the moving!

  5. Dogs always seem to know what is going on. A few years ago, Millie was tired of me always packing up in the summer and leaving her--I was getting ready for girls camp and she didn't like it at all-- she jumped up on my bed and peed on it!

  6. Have fun at the beach and have fun with family! We moved recently and I know what you mean, it was so sad to take everything down and it not feel cozy and homey anymore. Good luck with the move and can't wait to hear all about your new home!

  7. ok he is just impossibly cute. as soon as i see photos of him i can't stop from commenting. when we get our suitcases out, our cats sit on top of them to prevent them from being packed, animals are just so smart!

    taking down decorations makes me a bit sad. but then when we get to the new place, i always start decorating and nesting before doing anything practical like finding shampoo! i hope you have lots of fun with that part :)

  8. Aww Mowgli! He is so silly :) I hope that he realizes he gets to go with you guys so he doesn't stay depressed!

  9. awww so cute!!!
    i remember moving... its hard especially when you move over seas!! my parents used up alll my money in the bank :( oh well i guess you just gotta go with the flow

  10. Aw Happy Birthday lovely lady, I'm sorry I missed it!
    Hope the moving is going smoothly, and that you and Mowgli and your boy will be settled down soon :)

  11. Cute dog, cute blog and OMG you're only 22?? Wait til your my age! :)


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