Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Has it really been 22 years?

I don't feel 22. 
I know I've only been 22 for a day..  
but I still feel 18, and lets face it, I still look and act 18.

Yesterday was my birthday. I was real grumpy to start with. 

First off I did not want to be 22. 
Second I wasn't with my family. 
Third I stepped in poop. 

First thing in the morning. On the floor right when I got out of bed.. Mowgli tried to be nice and not wake me when he needed to go potty. How thoughtful.
Upset, I just turned 22 and stepped in poo.
Taylor came home and asked if I was ready to go. We didn't have any real plans.

I stopped being grumpy. Flowers and balloons will do that to me.

Warning: There will be lots and lots of pictures. I promised my mom.

We headed out to a cafe for smoothies and Taylor asked, " What do you want to do? It's your day."

I love thrift stores and antique stores and I could stay in them forever. That's what I wanted to do.
All Day.
I talked to my mom several times throughout the day, wishing she was with me. I told her I would take tons and tons of pictures so it would be like she was with me.
My mom sent me some knitting books. Taylor bought me some wool yarn from an antique store.
I am real excited. They are such good supporters.

Taylor and I got back in the car. Taylor asked me, "Now what?"
I looked at the sky. The weather forecast said it would rain all day. I only saw one little rain cloud.
Can you spot Mr. Rain Cloud?

I told Taylor I want to take Mowgli on a walk.
After all a birthday isn't a birthday without your best pal.
Nature is my favorite.
I'm so lucky to have been born in Spring.
Mowgli and I love walks.
So much to see, so much to smell...
So much to make our own.
I take pictures of things I want to call mine.
Mowgli... well Mowgli pees on everything.
I am going to miss this place.
We headed home and I read the card from my mom.
It made me miss her way too much.

She listed 10 things she would do if we were together.
Going out to lunch,
Going Shopping,
Have a tea party,
Take pictures of us together,
Spend all day saying how much she loved me.


She also gave me gift cards.
She knows where I like to shop.

Taylor and I decided to go to the mall. I just love getting new clothes. 
I normally spend the whole time at the sales rack looking though clearance items. This time I decided to get myself a new dress. Not a sale dress.
What do you think of the dress you bought me Mom? I think I might need to add another ruffle.. 
Still a bit short for me..

Okay so all the dresses ended up being a bit shorter than I expected.. I can fix it.. don't worry.
Dear Mom, Thanks for buying the outfit on the right and the cream dress. I think the one on the right makes me look very professional.
H&M Just opened in the mall. This was a very exciting occurrence.
Taylor bought me the other dresses. 
He also took me out to dinner.

I took one look at the prices and started to leave.
They were astonishing.
Taylor was very set on spoiling me.. so we stayed.
We probably could have gotten another puppy for the price of this meal though....

We came home to notice that I was featured on the front page.
(4th time this month!)
And there you have it. 
My birthday. 
I was super spoiled.. and it felt pretty awesome.
A full day of doing what I want and getting what I want.

Now... our house looks like this.
We are moving soon and the packing process has just begun. 
Taylor's family is coming to visit for a week and we will be going to the coast and to Washington DC.
After we get back.. we move! 
We are going to be very stressed and busy for the next week or so. 
We have so much to do..
I feel guilty blogging.

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  1. All of the photos are absolutely gorgeous!

    I'm so glad to hear you had a wonderful day - you looked beautiful (but then again, you always do!)

    It sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you. Try to take it easy, and remember to always take care of yourself.


  2. Ok first off... I was super grumpy about turning 22 too! I don't know why but it felt like I was getting old and that I needed to grow up and I guess I didn't really want to... Well now I'm facing 26! I'm not going to lie... 22 to 25 1/2 really went by super fast! bummer! Second!!! I LOVE H&M!!!!!!!!! I'm super jealous that you have one!!! Oh... and your house doesn't look that bad!!! I'm going to do the same thing (hopefully) soon too... we're hoping to get someone who wants to sublet! and last but not least HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ALL OF US TO YOU, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM THE MARTIN CREW!!! I'm glad it turned out good!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday! Your mom and Taylor were so sweet to do all that for you! And i'm jealous of spring out there, it's still thawing out and brownish-gray here. Good luck with the move! Remember to take little tea-breaks now and then, it will help to relieve the stress a bit.

  4. I love looking at all your pics so much!! They make me wanna be at all those wonderful places too!
    Happy (late) bday!!

  5. Happy Late B-day Wishes Rachael!

  6. What a great day!!! I hope your birthday was very special. :)

  7. Happy birthday! I'm glad it was a good one, even if it started rough.

    Have fun on your travels! I live just a little north of DC in Baltimore, and love going there on trips! If you get a chance, check out the zoo. It's a really cool one!

  8. Happy Birthday!!! Glad you had a happy end to your grumpy start ^_^

  9. i loved this post! looks like you had an amazing birthday and got some way cute stuff :) i hate moving too dude. thats funny i agree when youre busy and still blog but feel guilty. so true. have fun in DC, i love it there!

  10. Happy birthday!!! I'm glad you were able to do what you want and make it an awesome day. I loved the nature pics, it looks like a very beautiful place!

  11. ah i love this!! so cute! i love all your new things--you look beautiful rachael. and i love the new dresses--you're lucky to have sewing skills to add length when needed. i always have to ask my mama. your house is so big! that is awesome. love it all. love the nature pictures. nature is the best.

  12. Happy Late Birthday!! You look so beautiful!! And the dresses fit you perfectly.
    I love your picture heavy posts... They feel home like for some reason.
    Hope you had an awesome B-day.
    A big hug!!

  13. You were on the home page again today. When ever iv been on Etsy lately you have been featured. I love your blue flats btw, oh and those dresses are definitely not too short I think they look great.


  14. Happy Birthday! I have such a good time reading your blog. :)


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