Friday, April 30, 2010

Did you know?

 I have super sensitive hearing.. especially out of my right ear. 

 I have super sensitive sense of smell... I can always detect farts.. early.

I love being barefoot, but I think I have ugly feet!

 I am nocturnal. I sometimes go to bed at 6 am and don't wake up until 2 pm. It's true Mom. I'm sorry.

I normally eat one meal a day, sometimes two. It's not that I starve myself.. I just don't get hungry often.. or I forget. Sorry again Mom!

When I paint I mix the paint on my hand. 
When I'm done painting my left hand is completely covered in paint. 

Even though I'm nocturnal I get super depressed when I don't see the sun. 

 I always have to bring a water bottle/cup of water with me to bed. When I was growing up I would always end up with 10-15 cups down in my room.  I would hear my mom ask, "Where have all our cups gone to?" I would sneak all the cups into the dishwasher like a cup stealing ninja. 
She knew it was me.

I'm a messy person.

I love cemeteries. 

 I love trees!
 I used to talk to trees when I was little. 
I still talk to trees and house plants.. it's good for them, look it up.)

 I daydream a lot. 
Especially when I hear "stock talk" 
(Stock Market Stuff)
I hate math.

I love making silly faces.
Especially with my best pal Mowgli.

I love the color of mustard! 

I love to celebrate! 
Each and every holiday. 
Every occasion.
sometimes just because! 

I have sleep paralysis and I HATE it.
I love old movies. Silent films are my favorite! 

 I can't sleep without my puppy, he can't sleep without me.

I love playing around and feeling like a kid.

I just love a good adventure.


  1. I have sensitive hearing too, but mostly just for high-pitched sounds. I can hear them and often others can't, and it drives me nuts (they don't believe me when I tell them!).

    My feet are my prettiest feature!

    I didn't talk to plants but I did sing to my cat. I actually spoke to her, but in my own lyrics. I always wondered how it's good to talk to plants since they don't have ears, so how do they even know we're speaking to them? Definitely must google that soon.

    You love feeling like a kid? I am a kid! 8 years young!

  2. Thanks for another lovely post doll. Who is your favourite silent film actor?


  3. I love this post!
    I have sensitive hearing and smelling too. For example, Lee and I have a no smoking in the room agreement, cause I'm not a smoker but he's a chimney, and I can always tell if he was smoking even after hours.
    I talk to the plants and trees too!! I used to go to this place where they have like lessons about how energy affects everything and we studied that. Even with the water, if you talk nicely to it, it will be in harmony. But if you yell, it won't. I saw it with a microscope :)
    I love learning new things about you. You're such a cool girl.
    A big hug!!

  4. Cute post!

    I for one HATE cemeteries... like for some reason someone's dead decomposed hand will come out of the ground and grab me. (Silly... but true)
    I love plants and trees as well. I'm currently working on keeping plants alive in my house... for someone who works with flowers all the time, you'd think i'd be good at that... nope.

  5. Great post! I mix paint on my left hand too, I like the feeling of how cold the acrylic gets as it dries on the top of my hand...

  6. Rachel you are way too precious!! I LOVE the color of mustard and cemeteries (we call em graveyards - it's spookier ;) ) too!

  7. haha! cup-stealing ninja of awesomeness!

  8. I love old cemeteries! We had one near my old house that was used for civil war soldiers and it was the creepiest, coolest place. I felt like I was hearing the dead speak whenever I went there.

    Mowgli and you need to come visit me and Bean!! :) They can be lover-dogs!

  9. I also love cemeteries. I grew up playing in one. An old one. This post was great!

  10. I have to say I love this post! But... I don't have a sense of smell... I've always wondered how it would be to be able to walk into a house and know what someone was doing. As for farts, they don't bother me, except that I'm breathing toxic air! And I thought you should know, no one has ugly feet! They're the best gift god gave us! Oh and I have to say I loved the pic of the Martinellies bottles... I have a minor obsession!

  11. When I said doing... I mean Cooking! oops I was trying to multitask and it wasn't working!

  12. I always knew where the cups were! I wish we could go on an adventure together--I love going on them with you!

  13. Hello! I just love your blog and your shop! We are both followers of Violet Bella and I found you that way. I, too, am a big lover of nature. I loved learning more about you!

  14. i like these little bits.. kind of want to do something like this on my blog. also, i love that you mix the paint on your hand :)


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