Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Big News

I'm getting ready for the big long drive to Charlotte.
I like to keep Taylor company on the long drives.

We found out where we are moving.


Remember This Post?
Well I finally have it done and pictured.

I will just be gone all day.

Come back tonight for the details.

Oh and I'm not too excited about the location.
I may or may not have cried.


  1. I had a co-worker who left Louisville to go to Charlotte. She ended up liking it a lot and is still there. She said it was humid though.

    Good luck!

  2. I love the new headband~ I miss you so very much!

    I am excited to go to your new place to see you. It will be fun and a place you will never forget!

  3. Hi, this is fii from swapbot now following your blog. You have a really intresting blog and I love your lay out!

  4. Did you just double bait us? I think we've just been double baited, folks! Curse you and your trickery!

    Love the headand though. . .

  5. beautiful feathers, nice work.

    but i'm confused. is it charlotte? or are you saying later where you are headed? i am sorry to hear about the tears...my fiance and i just made a very difficult move in the fall because of a lay off and i was a blubbering mess of tears at multiple stages...it gets easier though especially when finding the surprising new thing around the bend :)

  6. First off, it's not nice of them making you wait so long to know where you guys are heading next, and second, it's not nice of them to send you somewhere you don't want to go. I'm Super sorry, but it should be an adventure!

    Also, I really should buy one of your peacock headbands, seeing as thats my maiden name and it's like a symbol in my family (my cousin just got a GIANT peacock feather tattoo on her neck... I think a headband would look much, much better haha!

  7. Hi! This is gypsymouse from swap-bot. I really like your blog and the layout.
    I'm moving in March to somewhere I don't necessarily want to be, so I totally understand!

  8. Hi. This is BrandiAM from swap-bot. :) I like you blog, but I *love* your etsy creations, especially this feather hair clip. If I knew how to create an etsy wishlist, I would definitely add it. (I'm very new to etsy...)


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