Monday, February 15, 2010

♥ B E M I N E ♥

This Valentine's Day is the first Valentine's Day that Taylor and I have gotten to celebrate alone.
Last year our house was always packed with Taylor's friends, their friend's and the neighborhood kids. All day and all night, our house was always occupied. It's partially due to the fact that we had a 50 inch TV screen and a lot of video games.

Lets just say last Valentine's Day was not a good one. Sitting on the floor of my own house waiting around for video games to be over so that I could go out to dinner isn't a happy memory at all.

Valentine's Day is very special to me. It's the day Taylor proposed to me, and I like to celebrate that.
Taylor learned from last years disaster.

This Valentine's Day was much better.

"Just tea for two,
And two for tea,
Just me for you,
And you for me."

Taylor promised me a couple of months ago he would have a tea party with me.
Of course I went all out.
I even bought a new skirt for the occasion.
This is probably my favorite skirt ever.
Taylor complimented it over and over.
I bought it from Priscilla Dawn
Please check out her shop.
She makes the cutest doll like dresses!!

After tea time Taylor took me on a surprise trip to a nearby lake.

Taylor redeemed himself.
Later we went out to a movie and to dinner,
where Taylor learned the hard way about the importance of reservations.
I forgive him, he is still pretty new to this.

Now I'm sitting on the couch.
There is a meeting going on 2000 miles away,
About where we will move to next.
Mowgli is wagging his tail in his sleep.
I'm waiting for a very exciting phone call.
I'll keep you posted.


  1. ha so cute...the cupcakes look so yummy :)
    I love the outfit and the skirt sooo cute

  2. Hope your valentines day went well this year! Adam and I have had some rough valentines days too, but he did pretty well this year.

  3. I'm glad you had a nice Valentine's Day. Your pictures are very pretty!

  4. yay that looks so sweet and romantic, way to redeem yourself hub haha

  5. So sweet!! and btw, LOVE the skirt!

  6. That looked so fun and I couldn't believe it, but on Valentine's day I remembered that that's when Taylor proposed to you and thought about him calling me and telling me that you guys were engaged. He told me "we're just perfect together Katie, we can even wear the same pair of pants." I could tell he was so happy! Glad you guys found eachother.

  7. The food looks super yummy, Your skirt is adorable and the lake is beautiful! Looks like you had a great valentines day!

  8. wow.. looks like you had an adorable valentine's day! i don't know what those little thingies are on your table, but they look delicous. love your skirt too :)


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