Sunday, April 1, 2012

Creating With Care

 Hello everyone! Happy April First! 
This post is not a joke.. 

Today, I'm introducing a new project to you. 

"Create with Care" is a project to challenge all artists
  to bring more ecological consciousness into their work.

This endeavor was born when I announced that I was switching to all organic foods and products.
A blog friend, Yaga contacted me about it, and we got to planning.

We both got pretty busy, and had to push the launch date back a few times.. but today is the day.
Here is the "About" section of the website.

The project is the result of Yaga and Rachael's pledge to switch to a more sustainable daily practise in their lives and especially in their art.
We know that such an endeavour can feel overwhelming on first sight.
Our idea was to create a group of likeminded people who could support each other with ideas, information and motivation. Together, step by step, we will turn our art a little more green.
The Caring Artist Project will run from April 1st to April 30st 2012. In the course of that month, we will look at a different aspect of our creative practise every week.
Yaga and Rachael will post resources, ideas and inspiration on their blogs, but each and every one of you who is participating is invited to share their own knowledge and thoughts and link up their posts in our linky list.
Because art is about life, about beauty. Art is an expression of life itself. And without our home planet, there will be no life and no relation to our art.
Let's nurture this world so that it may nurture us, our inspiration and our creativity!
Stay tuned tomorrow, because I will be going through my studio
to show you some of my favorite supplies, products and ways to recycle through art. 

Grab a button, to show you create with care! 



  1. Really excited to see how things go! Good luck with the project Rachael! I think it's an awesome idea and I will be focusing on it in my own endeavors this month :).

  2. Great idea, I will have to look at our art and see if there is a way to be more earth friendly too.

  3. Awesome!! If you ever need any advice on sustainability, feel free to contact me! I'm studying natural resources management at my university and love helping others switch to a greener lifestyle!

    1. Claire! I would actually love it if you could do a guest post or something sometime this month. Would you mind emailing me?


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