Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I have always loved being barefoot. 
Ever since I was little, I would go outside barefoot. 
I was a bit of a free spirit when I was little. 
I work cheetah print anything, and clothes that were much to big.
I had wild hair and barefeet. 
I'm very thankful to my mother for not trying to make me something I wasn't.
She told me when I looked absolutely ridiculous.
She told me when I looked a little too homeless..
but other than that, she let me be.
She let me play outside dressed like a wild child,
she let me talk to trees, and collect rocks.
She taught me what to say when I was teased and made fun of.

Because of that, I grew up brave, and my feet grew to be tough.
Even now, I will often walk barefoot. 
Over little rocks, pebbles and sticks. 
I think it feels good. 

It's not just that the little rocks massage my feet,
or that the warm pavement feels good..
It feels more natural, almost the way it should be.

Exploring barefoot is my favorite.
Hiking comes in second place.

 Barefoot in Arkansas
 Barefoot in Utah
 Barefoot in Hawaii
 Barefoot in Mexico
 Barefoot in North Carolina
 Barefoot in Memphis
 Barefoot in the Redwood Forest
 Barefoot in Utah
 Barefoot in Arkansas
 Barefoot in Mexico
Barefoot in the mud, under a waterfall in Utah.

Now in the colder months, going barefoot is a little less convenient.
instead I dream of going barefoot in the forest, and paint if of course.
With one of my favorite quotes hidden in the branches.

"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair." -
  --  Kahlil Gibran

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  1. Jesus! Those trees are massive!!!

    I love being barefoot too. If it were more widely acceptable here I'd walk around barefoot all the time!

  2. Ha yes... being barefoot in certain places is indeed frowned upon. :)

  3. I love this post!!!
    I love walk bare-foot too... I'm always barefoot at home and my Mother says that I've got always flu because that :)
    When I was a child, I was looking like a baby boy... I had a lot of fun playing in the fields, always barefoot in the warm seasons...
    This is one of the few things that I love of Summer!

    "I'm very thankful to my mother for not trying to make me something I wasn't."
    I love this phrase...

  4. Ps: The picture of you in the Redwood Forest is wonderful...
    I hope one day I'll go there...

  5. I love being bare foot!!! I always am while home, and when I'm outside, running through the grass is purely lovely!

  6. forget not
    the earth
    delights to feel
    your bare feet

  7. I love to be sans footwear, but find myself wrapped up in convention too much in my old age (I did walk around my college campus barefooted - even to the extent of being denied access to a cafe). I need to regain the courage to connect with the earth in environments other than my yard or the park. Thank you for this reminder!

  8. Your painting is beautiful! I love the picture in the Redwood Forest. I've never seen anything like that! Amazing!....and now I really want to go there!! lol

  9. Love all of these! Your header's amazing by the way. x hivenn

  10. i never realized that i also love to go barefoot!!! sometimes we do things without realized it, huh???

  11. Love that quote! And what you wrote was beautiful. Great post :)


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