Monday, February 2, 2015

The Tending of The Seeds

Have you noticed all the small signs?
 The small stirrings beneath the surface?
 The glimmer of hope that the warmth is on it's way back? 

I have noticed. 

I have little snowdrop flowers growing and blossoming outside my doorway. 
Snowdrops are a big symbol of Imbolc, and the coming of spring. 
Today I woke up, I took the pups on a walk and on my way out, I noticed the snowdrops. 
The air outside felt a tiny bit different.
A subtle small difference in the air.. the coming signs of spring. 

I got home and immediately felt the need to purge, organize and clean. 
I cleaned my closet, got items ready to be donated, and organized my art studio. 

I then set out an Imbolc/St Brigid altar 

I lit candles surrounding a nest full of eggshells, and bones. 
Welcoming in spring, warmth, and growth. 

As I set the altar up, I thought of all the things I look forward to this spring.

All the seeds that I have planted and tended to will start to grow and blossom. 

The Tree Talker Tarot deck, Spirit De La Lune Oracle Deck, Illustrations for the coming book "Autumn Alchemy" (More on that later!!) As well as plenty of new paintings, illustrations, classes and other projects are under way. It feels like it's been forever that these projects have been buried under the snow, slowly being tended to, nursed and nurtured. 

This spring will be a beautiful one! 

One big thing I'm excited to be a part of is the Wild Women Symposium! 
I will be offering a class called Crystal Connection.
For those of you who aren't local, you should still try to make it to this retreat!
(I'm still looking for hotel roommates!) 

Watch this video to learn about the Wild Women Symposium, and some of the classes and courses available! 


  1. Texas seasons are sooo indecisve. I have always been a little weird and can "feel" the seasons rather than see them. For instance, last week we had three days straight of sunny and 70 followed by two days of gray and 40. The whole time I just felt like something was itching to come through. But yeah, it's interesting for me to feel the changes and then look at a calendar and realize that first day of spring (or Imbolc).

    This symposium sounds brilliant. Dear goodness, I want to dive right into now. I'm going to go look it up and see the cost and things!


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