Friday, July 25, 2014

Now Seen On......

I've been thinking about doing large sized prints in my shop. My printer has the max size of 8.5x11 inch paper so I will have to outsource. I've been looking around for places to get 11x14 prints and even poster prints done at an affordable cost. Yesterday I was able to join a website called Nuvango . They specialize in large prints, canvas prints and even phone cases.  I'm totally going to get myself a new iphone case.. I just can't decide which one!

I've uploaded a few of my favorite paintings there. It's not 100% what I was looking for, but I'm still excited to be included here and to offer things like phone cases and canvas wraps. I'll still be searching for my local print shop so I can make large prints. 

And before I sign out for the weekend... I just got very excited. A few weeks ago I sold a framed painting to a studio who was making a commercial for American Express.. I sincerely hoping my work will be in the ones with Tina Fey... She's a hero of mine, and it would like we were hanging out together in some weird way essentially making us BFFs. 

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  1. I already see a print that I want to order!! Let's hope Tina Fey and your artwork are together in the commercial!!!!


  2. That would be so cool if they used it in the Tina Fey commercial!! I will definitely be looking extra close now. And yayyyy for bigger prints! The cell phone cases are a great idea too!

  3. Ermahgerd I WANT A PHONE CASE! And that is so exciting about the commercial! Cheers!


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