Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Self Improvement and BALANCE

I love improving myself... Body, Mind and Spirit. I do some form of yoga every day, climb about a mile on my adorable pink stepper and do about 150 squats a day. (I just noticed the difference yesterday!) Seeing and feeling results has been the biggest reward and has kept me going, with excitement

Our bodies are always changing. As we age, we start to loose muscle which is replaced by fat, we loose vitamins, and elastin in our skin so it starts to sag. A lot of these things are inevitable, but they can be combatted with a healthy diet and exercise..  I'm starting early in life, since aging is inevitable, I'd like to do it with grace! 

On top of my exercising and active lifestyle I have started a new daily beauty regime. 
I was shopping around at the local market for some healthy eye creams that were rich in minerals and vitamins that my skin would need to combat aging. I didn't find too much, so I gave up for about a day.....

Thanks to synchronicity with the universe (something I've been meditating on to strengthen), I was contacted by Tula. A skin care company that revolves around healthy living, and balance. I got to try out some of the products before they were released, and am extremely excited to review them!

The skin care products are made with probiotics and vitamins! It's everything I was looking for, but packed full of things I didn't even know I wanted! Tulā’ is sanskrit for "Balance." Which is something I strive to achieve daily. 

I've been using the Tula's skin care regime for about 2 weeks now and I'm liking it. I'll be back to do another review in the next 60 days or so when I really can see a difference. It takes time to notice results, like my first paragraph stated, I just noticed results from my squats! (My butt totally feels like a different butt.... but I think that's a post for another day.) 

First off, I don't have a lot of wrinkles, I don't really have many fine lines but sometimes I notice make up sticking to my skin creating wrinkles. In the right light, I do notice fine lines under my eyes and the skin under my eyes has felt very thin lately .. So that was my starting point. 

Here is what I thought of each of the products.

Purifying Face Cleanser: I have very sensitive skin, and use a face wash at night from my dermatologist, so I only used this in the mornings so I don't mess up my night routine... which I feel would throw my face into a massive breakout.  The cleanser is very smooth and silky and didn't sting my face..(remember, I have very sensitive skin, everything stings it!) 

Illuminating Face Serum: I loved this stuff, it evens out the skin tone and adds a nice glow. I'm not a huge fan of concealer or foundation, so I loved this stuff as it evened my skin tone out enough to where I felt comfortable without wearing any make up! 

Hydrating Day and Night Cream: I actually noticed a difference with this stuff. Any lines I noticed before have been fading, and my skin feels firmer and moisturized without feeling oily.

Revitalizing Eye Cream: This stuff really firmed the skin under my eyes! I've never been prone to dark circles, but I have noticed the skin lightening up and firming.

I can honestly say I love these products so far!

This is my face after using the Tula Skin Care.. totally bare faced with just mascara on.. 
The way I like it. My face doesn't feel weighed down by product, and it doesn't feel oily. 

The creator of Tula is a total babe as well.  Reading her about me page was awesome. She sounds like such an amazing woman too.. Such a healthy glow to her. 

I'm extremely excited about the results. Noticing my body improving with healthy eating and exercising, my mind improving with meditation and yoga and my face improving with Tula! 

I can't wait to do another review in a month or two to show even more results! 
Check out their website, and facebook .

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