Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Airstream Dreams

Last weekend Sterling and I made the beautiful drive up the mountains to his work. Have you heard? He got a new job. He quit his job last January and it's been a rough few months. He was working at GoPro as tech support, while he loves GoPro, and is happy he was able to get cameras from them, he didn't like his job very much. It was mundane, and his brain and body wasn't challenged enough. So, he quit. He got a job as an arborist for a week or two, but that didn't work out. As scary as that was, we knew it must be because something better was out there for him... and boy were we right.
 Sterling just landed a dream job. You all know our dream to live in a tiny home, trailer, or RV full time one day? This is something both of us wanted before we even met! We are one step closer to our dreams.. Sterling has been hired to help rebuild old vintage Airstream Trailers. He helps renovate, rebuild, and get them ready for people to live in them. He is learning from first hand experience how to build a tiny home for us. From drafting, building furniture to wiring, he is learning it all.

The company he works for only does Air Stream Trailers. They rebuild them from the ground up, put in new appliances, and  rewire them. Though, Sterling and I are unsure if we want to go the route of Air Streams, it sounds more and more appealing as he learns about them. Especially if we can make a steampunk one.
Last weekend, he showed me around his work. I met his boss, and saw the empty trailers. We even talked about me doing some art pieces for the company. Sterling feels at home with his new coworkers, and is challenged enough to where he comes home totally and utterly exhausted. He works 10 hours a day there for 4 days a week, and drives nearly 45 minutes each way to work. Luckily, the drive is breathtakingly beautiful.

For the first time in quite a while, we feel like we are on the right path again. More often than not, this feeling comes only after letting go, and trusting the universe.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. This gives me hope for Jimmy! I am so happy Sterling found an awesome job and how it's so connected to your paths. I must trust Jimmy will find his perfect career and know it will happen when it is time. So happy for you two! <3 <3 xoxo Marissa

  2. Glad that you've reached the other side of it all and are focusing on new dreams.

  3. Huzzah for letting go and finding the path illuminated for you!

  4. WOW!!! that is wonderful. i haven't 'enjoyed' my job in a numbner of years, i forgot what that feels like. but what a cool thing to do! i would love that kind of work. and even though i despise driving (bc i get restless and then sleeeeeepy) i would totally take the 45 min to drive thru that beautiful landscape!

  5. How wonderful!!! oooh and a steampunk airstream..YES!!


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