Friday, September 27, 2013

Celebrating Sterling

Sterling's Birthday was not too long ago, and we celebrated in our favorite way.
Going out to our field.
 We decided if we get married, it would be here. 
Now, don't get tooooo excited. I said if! 

Sterling turned 25. 
And I made him a big breakfast.
I decorated the house, and
I gave him lots of gifts, including the hat he is wearing.

We then set out to take a little hike to our field. 
Our favorite place.
The place of our first date.

"I found you! On the path, right in front of me.."
He says as he hands me some little flowers he picked for me.

He catches me off guard all the time with his stunning good looks.. 

Such beautiful landscapes..
Little Treasures
My Gandalf Stick!! 

"I found you again! You make all my wishes come true"
As he picks this and hands it to me.
He's a cheesy boy.. 
and he's a really handsome man.. 

I look like I'm on an epic journey with this Gandalf Stick of mine. 

One of our favorite pictures of us
Sterling's Mini Cake

We celebrated in the perfect way. No big parties, no loud noises. Only us. 
Just yesterday we were talking about how we are each other's best and really only friends.
We loved hanging out with each other, not because we HAD to, or because there is no one else..
We love hanging out with each other because we are friends.
There is no one else we would rather be with. 
We are in love.

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  1. These pictures are awesome. I am very glad to have a look on this post. It is really superb

  2. You two are one of my favorite couples! Seriously I've never seen a more loving relationship and that's hard to find now a days! Such beautiful photos! Happy belated birthday Sterling!

  3. Love it! The two of you are an adorable couple - such amazing photos, too! :)

  4. It is soooo sweet to see you so happy. You two are obviously so great together. I love seeing your challenges and triumphs.

  5. happy birthday sterling!!!!! what a cool place to go! and for the record, we would hang out with yall!


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