Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Giveaway With Moondaughter!

 Happy Monday! This weekend went by really fast didn't it? I guess it would, since it's only 2 days.. I'd like to start thinking that all the days are the same. That way there is no negative thoughts just because it's a Monday.. But, I'll save this rant for another time. 
Today is the new moon and I've got an exciting giveaway for today! 

Hi everyone. My name is Marissa and I blog over at Moondaughter

Moondaughter is a place women can come to seek sanctuary, love, support, and wisdom.

The heart of my wisdom comes from my love for the Moon and my experience working with Her energies

The Moon is linked closely to our hormones, energy levels, emotions, and our spirit. It affects all the water of the world, so how could She not affect us? She embodies the Sacred Feminine and reflects back to us our own divinity.

The Moon has a specific cycle of waxing and waning She follows continuously and I try to live in harmony with that as much as possible. By doing so, I have reconnected with my body, my soul, and nature in ways I have never imagined.

Moondaughter is my manifestation of these cycles as I am always learning and growing. My purpose is to share this with women everywhere. It is my belief the closer we connect with the moon in our own unique way, the more balanced and harmonious our lives will be.

A lot of exciting things are happening over at Moondaughter! I am creating a community for the healers, gypsies and moon children ready to circle around the campfire sharing our stories of magic. I am also creating accredited courses to become a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner! I also just recently became a certified crystal healer! You can learn more about crystal healing here. 

I am currently having a sale in my etsy shop! Use the code SUMMERDAZE at check out!

Today is the New Moon and I encourage you to write down any intentions or dreams you wish to manifest. How would you like them to unfold this cycle? What steps would you need to take? This is the beginning of the Lunar cycle and is a rebirth and regeneration of energy. It is a more restful calming energy though and becomes more active closer to the Full Moon. Take the time to explore new projects and goals you wish to see through. It is also ideal to rekindle or start new love (I actually met my boyfriend, not knowingly at the time, on the New Moon!) and if  you want your hair to grow fast plan a hair cut during this phase! It will grow faster as the moon waxes! 

To celebrate the New Moon, I am giving away $25 to one of Rachael's lovely readers!
 You can use it for anything in my shop and website! Have fun browsing!

I'm excited to explore the Lunar energies with you all! 

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  1. I definitely entered, I absolutely ADORE Marissa! <3


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