Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Giveaway - Win a Tarot Reading and Ad Space!

My entire weekend was spent reworking this here blog. 
I've got a landing page now, as well as some updated pages. 
I did quite a bit of tweaking though, you probably won't be able to notice.. 
It took me about 19 hours to do all of this.
I was not quite anticipating it taking that long. 
But, I'm proud. Very proud of the way it turned out. 
Cause HTML is a lot of work.
 And at 4 am, the letters and numbers start to blend together. It gets ugly.

But, I'm done! And it's Monday, and I'm excited for this week.
It's going to be a good one. 

It's Monday, and it's time to start things off with a giveaway! 
This one is very cool. 

Angie from Lariats and Lavender is here with an awesome giveaway for today.
I've known Angie in the blog world for a while now..
She and I actually live in the same state.
We have pretty similar interests and it's real fun to see pictures of the same sunset,
 or the same places. The blog world is a pretty magical place sometimes.

Here is a bit about Angie and her blog..

Hello, everyone! My name is Angie, I am almost twenty-four and I live under the cotton candy Western sky in Utah with my gorgeous best friend, wife and soul mate Jen! We have two kitties named Wedge and Mau, three birds named Jango, Leia and Bastila and one betta fish, Finn!

Lariats and Lavender was an on-again-off-again blog for a while, until I decided I would re-start my blog on January 1st, 2012 and keep goin' goin' goin' and... I have. I decided that I would write about what I love, what I am passionate about, what I believe in and who my little family and I are. Here we are, a year later and I do weekly series' such as Vampirism Monday's, New Age Wednesday's, posts on mental disorders and LGBTQ issues and little everyday documentation posts as well. I love them all, and I love the friends I have made because of Lariats and Lavender.

Outside of being a wife, momma and blogger, I am also a: gamer, geek, artist and Witch. I am a Gypsy and a Viking soul. I could live in the water, or on the water, like a mermaid or a pirate or I could live  in a tent with the Earth rumbling around me during a thunderstorm. I have a passion for fashion, make-up, shopping; everything New Age, health and wellness, Vampirism and of course, nature. I blog about all of this and so much more, and I hope you'll come visit my Home Sweet Home on The Web. 

So this week's prize is a two part.

 Fist you can win a tarot reading from Angie herself. 

"When I first started reading tarot, I realized that I have a natural talent for doing so. My family and friends often ask me for a reading, and I read my own tarot daily. For you, I will do a customized past, present and future spread! I cannot wait until we get started!"

Second you will recieve a Large Ad Spot 
on Lariats and Lavender
"With a Large Ad spot on Lariats and Lavender, you will receive advertisement for your blog or shop on my blog and across my social media accounts, plus a spot in the group introduction. You also have the chance to do a Sponsor Interview, a guest post and/or a giveaway!"

 here are my blog and social media accounts URLs.

Find more of Angie here:


  1. Thank you so much for partnering up with me and doing this, Rachael! You rock. <3 P.S. Love the redesign!

  2. Done it... and Hi Rachel and Angie... ^^
    How cool... is this whole giveaway. ^^

  3. Oh how neat! I love Angie's blog, she's such a sweetheart and such a good friend to me <3 I've never had my cards read by anyone else before either.


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