Thursday, April 4, 2013

What You Have

This quote has really resonated with me lately.
Sterling and I dream to one day travel in a little trailer or a tiny house one day..
We talk about it every single day.
We plan and save up and dream..

But, until then... we are appreciating where we are at now. 
Living in the moment.
Here are some pictures of my last week or so. 
The little beautiful things, the happy little moments,
the small things.
All of the building blocks that form a beautiful and happy life.

It really is about the little things sometimes isn't it? 


  1. It definitely is! And what a lovely print that is. Would be a good reminder to hang around the house!

  2. I adore that print, that quote, so lovely!!! I love that y'all have a similar dream as Jen and I. Sailboat, houseboat, RV or small home. We've been thinking more and more of a little Victorian space. <3


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