Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thursday Threads - Cold Water

There are a lot of photos for this post.
You see... Sterling and I set out with the camera, and we had a lot of fun and luck.
We make a good team. He is an excellent photographer and we work well together.
Most of the time when I go out to photograph with people I have to explain how to set up a photo.
I explain a bit of the rule of thirds, lighting and color.
I stand and tell them to take the photo in about 3 seconds, then I pose.

But, with Sterling it's different.
I hand him the camera and I know he will capture the best shots.

Normally I'll get about 8 out of 50 good photos... but with Sterling, they are all fabulous.
Makes my job of picking only the best hard.

We went out the other day for photos. The weather was dreary and I loved it.
I wanted this dress to be photographed in nature, and I wanted to be barefoot.
We went to the river where Sterling used to be a river guide.
The red branches were beautiful, and the sky was a beautiful grey.
The water was very very cold.. but oh so beautiful.
The wind was chilly, but it brought the dress up so nicely.

You can't tell, but I was freezing here.
Wicket was too. But he is such a great accessory to have in photos with me.

Dress - Nowistyle
Vest - Thrifted
Bracelets - Nowistyle


  1. You're right. The two of you are prefect together because these photos are stunning. ♥

  2. GORGEOUS DRESS, OH MY GOSH! Actually, your whole outfit. And OF COURSE, Wicket! AND THE SCENERY. Love. Love. Love.


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