Monday, April 15, 2013

A Blur

It was a beautiful weekend.
Time went by in a weird way.
I'm not sure if time went by slow, or fast.
The weekend was a bit of a blur, but we did so much.
We got lots of photos taken, and a lot of illustrations submitted.
I've got 3 left to do. Only THREE!
Well, and the cover.

We had beautiful over cast weather on Saturday. I remember at 1PM it felt like 5PM and 5PM felt like it should have been 1PM. It started to rain and the wind was intense. Sterling and I accomplished an awful lot and decided we made a very good team.

We had gorgeous sunny weather on Sunday. Where I was able to wear short shorts and we hiked a bit. We played in the trees and explored the woods. We took a lazy Sunday nap and cooked dinner together, played with Sterling's new camera and I rubbed his back.

And today we woke up to snow.

Almost as if the weather is trying to say, "Your weekend is over. Welcome to Monday."


  1. I am so glad you had a lovely weekend. <3 I truly enjoyed the rain and windy weather. It's so energizing for us!!! It's also equally perfect for lazing around. Cannot believe the snow! We were gonna plant our herbs today!!!

    1. I LOVE overcast weather.. BUT not the snow.. I'm a little mad it snowed.. I was going to plant grass!

  2. the first pic of you in 'tigerlily' mode is by far my most favorite picture of you ever!! I mean, aside from my obsession with all things native make a perfect ethereal native american princess!! love it so much!!

    1. Thanks! I've got SO many photos from that shoot.. I'll be sure to post them!! :)


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